Bank, VC, & Corporate Money Flooding into Charlie Lee, Bitcoin, & Cryptocurrency

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Coinbase, GMO, DMG, and Charlie Lee are just the tip of the iceberg of an often overlooked trend of big money flooding into cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is happening on a daily basis. Venture Capital, once afraid of crypto is going big, banks are getting on board, corporates are joining the partywhat do they know that main street investors don't?

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Bank, VC, & Corporate Money Flooding into Charlie Lee, Bitcoin, & Cryptocurrency

28 kommentaar

  1. There’s a possibility that BTC will fully retrace and bottom out at $3500If it does be ready to stock up on BTC and alts because if we bounce off of that then there will be a tremendous bull run

  2. Never invest more than you can afford to lose and you’ll be ok. Be disciplined with your investmentsIMO.

  3. Dont know why but im not worried at all i bought nano at 30 usd and neblio at 17 and im not selling because my guts are saying so!

  4. These companies are waiting on top of the trees like vultures waiting for the price to tank so they can come in and swoop.

  5. I started with only bit coin bought on 7300, but alt. Coin run about to start…Mt. Gox. Story going to push even bit coin players on side line for a bit

  6. Lark you are the best fundamental analyst out there. To see clearly in a sea of information, high and low, good and bad, a sea of fud. They used to call that wisdom.

  7. My thinking aswellbut i think even lower is possible.. 2,8 could be a thing.. I´m selling everything i can to have FIAT ready when prices are low enough.

  8. Thank you for speaking clearly and concisely. You don’t repeat things and use word fodder. Love your videos. ❤️

  9. MtGox still has $1.7 billion of bitcoin to dump, there will be more crashes when they dump the rest of it throughout the coming months.

  10. Thanks for the great content, very concise without being ball achingly boring. Well done Sir.
    Viva La Blockchain!

  11. Lark with all the money comming in what do you think of the Dropil platform? i am invested 🙂 Nice video Thank you for doing it. Keep up the hard work. Cheers from Denmark

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