BAKKTThe Moonshot Bitcoin Needs?

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BAKKT announces the 2019 budget and doubles down on their commitment to making the platform a success with the CEO of ICE literally calling it their moonshot.


NYSE Parent ICE Anticipates Over $20 Million Spend on Bakkt This Year

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BAKKTThe Moonshot Bitcoin Needs?

43 kommentaar

  1. I think we have an imminent rollout of the Gold/Silver backed dollar.
    Wells Fargo may have just switched their system.
    New US Treasury in Reno on a native American reservation.
    Most Crypto peeps own Silver. So there will be a lot of potential purchasing power.

  2. +The Crypto Lark Appreciate all you’re doing and love your content and taking time to connect with your community and subs. Well done on ADA Ambassador position. Keep it up.

  3. Lark, I’d love to see bakkt go away. It’s a buzz kill. They keep pushing back the time. I would imagine they will push again EOY

  4. You’re relying on institutions to provide the new money 😂 doesn’t work like that, and we’ve had a global economic slowdown. Its going to take longer than people think.

  5. Bakkt is like a piece of thrown away chewing gum. They get caught on the bottom of your shoe and you can’t get rid of them.

  6. Lark, this is Rick here, I sent you a DM on Twitter. Let me know what you think when you have time, and thanks for the great videos.

  7. Keep your eye’s on brexit folk! Once it’s triggered the markets will fall. That’s when we’ll see all time lows, perfect time to buy. Then the markets will rise again. Don’t believe the hype nothing will bull until brexit causes a crash first.

  8. idk about 2019 kan wees 2020 we will see something good, i dnot have hope for 2019 alhoewel, many though 2018 was gonna be amazing and look what happened, seeing similar things being said for 2019

  9. saw a video aboy fidelity investments has 69 million account but looking up info there are conflicting numbers. one site says 28 million customers and 2.6 trillion in assets another says 15.1 million 401k’s and 8.8 million ira’s and another says 4 trillion in assets and thats just fidelity. But the point of the video was that if even 1/3 van 69 million wanted to buy one bitcoin there isnt enough BTC. i think the price will moon immediately after the etf. i think the pattern or btc cycles will be shattered. most people will hold until it reaches a certain price which could potentially be reached very fast. what do you think?

  10. Charles Schwab as of December 31, 2017, the company had 10.755 million active client brokerage accounts, met $3.362 trillion in assets.

  11. TD Ameritrade as of September 30, 2018, Ameritrade had 11,514,000 funded client accounts and client assets of $1.297 trillion.

  12. I hope your hat is flavoured because 2019 will just be a continuation of the bear market, failed rallies and sideways action for the most part.

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