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Bakkt Is Pushing Adoption of Bitcoin with new Partnerships with Starbucks and Microsoft. Solve.Care also recently announced a partnership with Lyft. Mattie will end the video with an article about why crypto crashed in 2018.
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Buy #Starbucks Coffee with #Bitcoin

Starbucks Secretly Holds Significant Equity in Bakkt Crypto Platform – Sip Coffee on Crypto

Solve.Care and Lyft – #Blockchain Healthcare Startup Solve.Care Reveals Partnership with Lyft

Bitcoin Whales Have Accumulated 150,000 Bitcoins in the Past 60 dae

Bitcoin Whales Have Accumulated 150,000 Bitcoins in the Past 60 dae

Why Did Crypto Crash in 2018?

Why Did Crypto Crash in 2018?


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Bakkt, Buy Starbucks with Bitcoin! Lyft and Solve.Care – Crypto News

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  1. Timestamps:

    Bitcoin and Starbucks – 0:42
    Solve.Care and Lyft – 5:00
    Whales are Accumulating BTC – 7:08
    Why did Crypto Crash in 2018 – 8:23

  2. the BTC developer or i should i say the BTC choker jimmy song said no, use your credit card. guess you miss that. so tell me, you think anything good comes out of his developments if he actually developed anything?

  3. first transaction just went through on xrapid to but a holiday, also SBI just opened their website and the exchange will be active soon which allows all of japanese banks to use XRP for settlements, would be nice to see the volume of XRP go up 10 billion in a few days if they all start using.

  4. Oh yes so everyone hodl hodl yr BTC but soon all yr hodled BTC that you are supposed to hodl for ever you can spend it at amazing starbucks LOL whatever

  5. I agree that just being accepted by such a large company that is firmly embedded as part of modern culture will be a great help to visibility and adoption in a general sense, but with Bitcoin’s upside being so high, I’m not sure it will be a successful venture. I know I’m not spending any of my undervalued Bitcoin for a measly cup of coffee..or anything else for that matter until after it goes ballistic. lol

  6. Spread more fake news! They willaccept crypto payments indirectlyso NO, you won’t be able to pay in BTC

  7. Everyone whom I’ve spoken to about crypto and tried to get to adopt seemed to have been in it for the quick buck rather than its tenets so I believe it’ll be very difficult to get any of them back as they’ve either sold at a loss or waiting for the market to turn back around only to sell and recoup their investments. These are people who don’t necessarily understand or believe in crypto, all the miners that lost money, adopters who defended crypto and bought into the hype, I believe it’ll take many years to recover but then again, I wouldn’t underestimate the power of greed.

  8. another twisted news headline. so u still have to convert crypto into fiat first before you are able to buy stuff, i prefer using fiat instead

  9. It’s a huge chance for crypto that Starbucks is interested. I think it would be smart to have different crypto opinions to pay for the cafe. Not only btc, LN is not ready soon. Would be bad if fees rise again and Starbucks pulls out.

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