aXpireEntreprise Solutions on the Blockchain

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In this interview CEO Gary Markham and I discuss how aXpire is proposing to save businesses money.

Please note that this is NOT a sponsored video.

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aXpireEntreprise Solutions on the Blockchain

30 kommentaar

  1. Don Crypto guess they figure if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, besides, that’s just more to invest into the project. Every penny counts.

  2. probably a hidden gem, very interesting interview, seems to have a good description , platform seems to be very solid, they have good business partnerships, so for sure something good will come from this

  3. Feel like it was one of these projects that hit the market at a rough time, but will do very well in the long run because of the all solid points behind it

  4. cool project, professional people behind it, great partners, something that businesses will actually wantonly issue which I don’t so much blame them for is the fall since the ICO hit the marketreally rough time to bring an ICO to market

  5. Beginning to sound similar to others coming onboard to cryptos. At very least I am learning. Mahalo Lark.

  6. This is such a solid project and it’s so under the radar!!!

    1. Supply of 350m (similar to Lisk and OMG by 2-3x more)
    2. Roger View (Bitcoin. c o m CEO), Mate Tokay (Bitcoin. c o m COO) and Shingo Lavine (Ethos CEO) as part of the advisory team.
    3. They announced that they would be featured on CNBC Advancement with Ted Danson with approximately 300+ million viewers
    4. They’ve also recently released Chinese, Korean, and Japanese versions of their website/white paper in an effort to push into Asian markets
    5. Partnerships with Ethos, Hydro R3, die Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Devery, and Bounty0
    6. Worked with many big name clients like Coca cola, Nike, By&t, NFL, Nissan, Pizzahut, Autozone, and many more
    7. Axp token gets burned for each client transaction (increase in token price)
    8. This project can save losses cause by human errors in big companies
    9. Developed at the request of their first client — one of the largest hedge funds in the world ($24Bn+ AUM) —  to enable the real-time visualization and management of payment processing workflows across legal, fund accounting, administration, finance and compliance departments.

    Okay I know it’s not a revolutionary project like some other ones out there but Axp is the world’s first blockchain based spend management system. Something tells me that by the end of this year, we might see a significant growth when numerous clients join Axp and more investors know about it. (currently at 3 cents as of 3/30/2018)

  7. yeah, this is a major sleeper, only suppressed by the down market, when the bulls return this will pop

  8. Thanks for an informative talk:-)) glad to see it is an interesting coin as I invested in it last monthand again Lark you are such a positive inspiration for us all simple people to give us courage to support this hard market🙏🙏🙏

  9. hi Larki like aXpire! Have you looked at Invacio yet? Gonna be the biggest hitter this year. I value your opinion and would love to hear from you on it

  10. Hey lark loving your info keep it up, have you had a chance to look at invacio? I’m of the thought it is going to be huge, looking for some of your insights 🙂

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