Auroracoin Mining with Antminer L3+! Is it Any Good?

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Auroracoin Mining with Antminer L3+! Is it Any Good?

21 kommentaar

  1. Understand you are looking at Ebay but there are sellers that have these in stock or can get them within a couple of weeks as well as any other miner and will ship quickly. Way before March of 2018. Thats crazy! Found this site that actually is popular and sells a lot of machines and for less than most ebay auctions too. They have competitive prices and was told they price match too. Can’t beat that.

  2. does the miner have to be connected to internet all the time? what happens if the energy go off?

  3. Referring too your European electricity price map, in the UK my rate is 11.7p kWh. Love the videos! was just curious on your opinion on purchasing a number of Antminer S9’s from Bitmain for delivery 21st of January, would you expect me to see the sort of profits being calculated now? like mentioned in previous videos you said difficulty could change etc etc.. what do you for see for around that time of delivery?

  4. Hello Martinez, i am looking to give away my Antminers, they are laying around and i don’t need them going bad.

  5. auroracoin also uses skein,qubit,sha256, and groestl. more importantly there is much more public engagement with the coin now and merchants are starting to accept the coin. we are a small country so if we can get past the general confusion about cryptocurrencies things will start moving quick during adoption phase. sê maar net. find auroracoin101 on facebook.

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