Atomoic SwapsThe Future of Crypto

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Charlie Lee has been busy this week, topping of his Atomic swap list with Vertcoin, Decred, and Bitcoin!

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Atomoic SwapsThe Future of Crypto

18 kommentaar

  1. If I understand well atomic swap is real simple. I seeing wallets like jaxxs make some like this possible in near future. Just need a message feature, and an encrypted trigger.

  2. hey lark how much do you earn from delegated harvesting for NEM

    i just put 30k XEM on my nano wallet just trying out harvesting

    would like to know how much you earned and how much you stacked

  3. To be honest delegated harvesting doesn’t earn all that much. It is a slow and random process. The only guys really making it big with harvesting have a few million.

  4. Nice, i watched the LiveStream of Charlie doing this on WCN last week.
    Hey Crypto, check out this Mob below.
    Hydrominer”, set to Launch Watt Based Tokens to the Market.
    I thought of you, amazing project.

  5. Great share! I didn’t understand the atomic swap concept until this video!

    More inter-blockchain interactions will do a lot for the adoption of crypto and potentially replace fiat.

    Right now we can swap fiatrelativelyeasily. An atomic swap sounds like it would make it a lot easier to do this with cryptos (assuming there was enough liquidity).

    Sounds like 2 things are needed to really make atomic swaps widespread:
    1. A distributed market maker (for liquidity).
    2. A distributed exchange (that understands the ins and outs of atomic swaps between all the different cryptos).

    Thanks for the video Lark!

  6. But Tony, if you are long term holding anyway then put them in there you will get some xem, just not anything massive.

  7. Komodo has been doing atomic swaps for over a year, additionally we have enabled them with Electrum so there is no needing to download the blockchain. Oh and we have a simple GUI available and a decentralized order matching.

  8. Litecoin is ready for mass adoption. Bitcoin isn’t at the moment. Fees are too high, transactions take too long, no confidential transactions, no atomic swaps, ens. You tell me what the masses will want

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