AtlasDisrupting the Travel Industry with Blockchain

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Atlas wants to disrupt the travel industry using blockchain tech to build a platform connecting travellers and service providers as well as an app that will incentivize user participation.

bekendmaking: This is a sponsored review for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, opname en plasing vir opvoedkundige doeleindes.
Verder, Ek tans nie in hierdie projek belê, maar ag om dit te doen in die toekoms.



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AtlasDisrupting the Travel Industry with Blockchain

19 kommentaar

  1. Interesting project. Long time horizon. It’s awesome that they’re already in the space, but no experience with distributed systems is a bit of a concern? Dankie, Lark and Wu Zan!

  2. This has the potential to change the whole industry. I’m really excited to see Atlas and also Apex and their whole ecosystem change the landscape for the better. Consumers and content creators will be getting more value for sure!

  3. Crypto Jack he don’t care. Who ever pays him more he makes the video for them. Crypto space is all about the making Quick bucks.

  4. Wonder how much you make for this video because there is a lot better projects out there.Nice shirt though

  5. I would do the same if i had a youtube channel with allot of followers it’s easy money. but then after that i would make a video comparing all the travel industry projects;-) and than you’ll come to the conclusion that Travala is looking the best. Still a big fan of Lark since the beginning of his channel! He does care.

  6. Didn’t have the time to watch it all, but how does if differ from WindingTree or Travela? (and probably others as well). It seems they might be late to the game.

  7. Hey..Cryptolark What’s up. Really the Atlas change the travel industry through Blockchain. Have you any idea about UBEX and Kakushin Ecosystem?

  8. Crypto Jack, good idea about comparing the travel projects, lots of innovation going on here, and other projects like Travala and locktrip are interesting, though I am far from an expert on theit projects, but i felt like atlas is doing it a bit differently with their own blockchain, tripadvisor like app and industry connections

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