ATLANT ICOProperty On The Blockchain

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Does Atlant have what it takes to get their project off of the ground?

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ATLANT ICOProperty On The Blockchain

33 kommentaar

  1. Thanks for firming my thoughts in not investing in this one. Its got too many desires all at the same time so let’s see how this plays up with time.

  2. Very vapid analysis, many governments have already started investigating blockchain for property title, even in Illinois. Then the end is justI Dunno”. Nothing against Mr. Crytpo Lark I just think he should pull in some more sources before delivering his commentary.

  3. Answer on the property specialists issue you mentioned: “Natalia Tischendorf has vast experience of more than 15 years in real estate, in the areas of corporate finance, M&A and asset management, working at Jones Lang LaSall, where for 10 years she headed the finance and investment departments and was in charge of raising funds in the commercial and residential real estate market. voorheen, she held managerial positions at BASF and Raiffeisen. Over the course of her career Natalia has completed multiple investment and fundraising transactions in the real estate sector valued at more than USD 2bn.
    Gregory Thain founded the Knight Frank in Moscow. Extensive knowledge and experience in retail, bank, FMCG, property, e-commerce and manufacturing industries. Experienced entrepreneur, director and investor with over 40 years of experience developing, leading and assisting businesses across a variety of sectors and geographical regions. Active in emerging markets for the last 25 jaar, including Asia, Middle East, and CIS.

  4. Great review. I thought the exact same thingI’m not seeing enough Real Estate experience on the ATLANT team and feel there’s too many little question marks. I went with REAL instead, so check that out if you’re looking fr a good Blockchain Real Estate ICO. I felt the team on REAL was stronger and also the benefits/rewards are greater for token holders, such as rental commissions..

  5. The only thing that is throwing me off on this one is that the top executives are all banksters with the only real estate experience listed as advisors. Would have thought that someone with 20+ in the RE industry would be somewhere at the top.

  6. Oh I’ve learned a way to avoid these major crashes with a properly balanced Crypto portfolio which means being invested in different major blockchains and their top 1 of 2 assets. I believe ATLANT will be one of those apps/assets. Their ultimate goal is to have a P2P apartment house or hotel rental by reducing fees on both sides for customer and marketer. This solves the issue of needing to pay a real estate agent, lawyer to close and all jurisdictions laws taxes etc will be all done without the need of learning the whole industry and local law. Also all laws for jurisdiction will not only be integrated, but listed. Even a novice can now get into Real Estate. I definitely invested in ATLANT it solves every area of the market. I know real estate well. This will be way bigger than I can say. But if your gonna choose any reak estate ICO this is it. But I would not expect a payoff untill 2022-2024. 1 trilllion is 5%

  7. A lot of people are complaining about the amount of Real Estate people involved with this project, but right now isn’t the time for Real Estate hires. They are still working on all the back ground stuff right now. Even if they achieve 1% of the global market by 2024, it’s a worth while company.

  8. hi Lark, I think u may want to read the discriptions below the advisors again, those are the ones with all experience and succes will mostly depend on them

  9. I set up the app on my phone, transferred some Eth. nou, how can I get ATLANT? I looked on several exchange sites and did not see it. ook, when I check the exchange on their app it says Under Development. Frustrating . Any ideas ?

  10. Yeah sounds like there isn’t much reason to invest in the ATLANT tokens. I couldn’t find anything relevant on the website either. This on is on the bottom of my list.

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