ArweaveBlockweave Tech, Eternal Ideas, Real Potential

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Sam from Arweave and I discuss what a blockweave is, how they plan to compete in a busy space, the idea of permanent data storage, and much more.
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ArweaveBlockweave Tech, Eternal Ideas, Real Potential

28 kommentaar

  1. Hi Lark….first of all great video as allways!!!

    Just a remark, change the video title you have a gramatical error inReal “”Potencial””….

    Keep the good work 😉

  2. This was a great interview. Thanks Lark. This project seems like it’s got some interesting tech, great progress before the ICO, and I really respect the low hardcap. It honestly makes me trust the team more than I normally would.

  3. Man, I liked ya Lark. ICO’s: too many paying attention to these in an already completely OVERSATURATED Market w/just Garbage OR copycat “projects”. Suppoman would be proud thoI guess😕

  4. Highly interesting, already on the whitelist and this makes me even more excited after hearing the interview. Great job Lark.

  5. I hope 🤞 they will grow in to a huge company. I’m glad they are not greedy and have development running before asked for investment. Good luck for them 💪👍. Thank you for taking decent projects for reviews ( even sponsored still👌 ) May be ask guests to offer some coins ,if share reviewed project on social media etc. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Bring more value to them some how
    Dankie .

  6. This is a cool project which is bringing something interesting for crypto and potentially valuable for investors, I am very happy to represent projects like this on my show.

  7. This is a comedy…. ? You can’t possibly be interest in this project. But the acting is good. 🤨

  8. If you do not like a project that is fine, I do like this project, perhaps you also see no value in projects like Siacoin or Storiqa, if so that is your opinion, historically file/data storage projects have performed extremely well. I am always happy to hear differing points of view but to insinuate that I am acting or am reading a script is just insulting.

  9. Die Crypto Lark

    I do not like the project. My opinion only is this appeared scripted. Again disclaimer just my personal opinion I’m not a financial advisor.

  10. Good interview Lark, smart determined team with some Quantstamp help, I think this is gonna surprise some people.

  11. Youtube largely removes them, and even if they didn’t I hate ads, and most people use ad blockers

  12. Fair enough if you don’t like the project, we are all welcome to our opinions and to put our money where we think it has value, we are spoiled for choice in the market. To be clear, no script, I never accept scripted questions.

  13. Sam reminds me of a young Boris Johnson 🙂 Super smart guy. Can tell Arweave is gonna be a serious piece of tech. I predict good things for this project in 2018

  14. Awesome review Lark! Hey man, would you consider doing a review of some sort projects like Fr8 Network and/or Muirfield IP? I’m seeing a lot online about these, and they look very interesting. Thanks man!

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