Are We in a Bull Market? Two New ETF Proposals, Omise Rumor, HPB Update – Crypto Nuus

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Are we in a bull market? Mattie will talk about Garrett's latest opinion piece about crypto in 2019 so far. Mattie also takes a look at Omise, High Performance Blockchain as well as two new bitcoin ETF proposals.
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Analyzing 2019 So Far: Are We In A Bull Market?

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Are We in a Bull Market? Two New ETF Proposals, Omise Rumor, HPB Update – Crypto Nuus

22 kommentaar

  1. I think the weak hands are gone finally. We’re transitioning into the bull market which is basically stronger hands and fresh capital.

  2. When HPB dumped to 17 cents I picked quite a few up!!! 😜 So stoked!

  3. I feel like we are in a bull market. Some of my coworkers have been coming up to me talking about how they can get into it. I usally post articles about it on my IG so maybe my 40+ friends might be be getting the idea in their heads.


  4. Love the balanced news reporting, both the good and the bad.

  5. It’s been okay over the past few weeks. The few alts that have grown are questionable to say the least.

  6. The Block doubled down on the alleged accuracy of their story about Omisego. maar, Omisego itself denies the story. Who are we supposed to believe? 0x30b0A32d9f1745af7B661012dd9eD2039f4b98AB

  7. David C I doubt it will take that long. 10 yrs tops. 2-3 yrs if the pattern continues

  8. HPB is probably one of my biggest bags. 😔 Hopefully they can get in into the top 50. 0x299A024682163761Ea33fb63a73994A0d417BD46

  9. Can i win this bro, my dream is to have one complete ETH can you help me to fulfill it.


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