Are USB Litecoin Miners Profitable in January 2018?

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Are USB Litecoin Miners Profitable in January 2018?

32 kommentaar

  1. I need a cheap solution for mining i dont have an electricity bill to pay.but i dont enough money to buy a expenisve mining rig.what can i do

  2. How difficult is the setup for a miner, software wise, setting it up to deposit what it earns in coin, ens?

  3. How can you measure a miners actual hash rateeBay is infamous for having skewed product info / flat out lying! Dankie

  4. yassin yassin well you can make a cheap rig for around $120 if you work really hard. Find a pc that has a psu,cpu, and atleast 4gb Of ram. I found one at a local garage sale for $10 or you probably own one. Open it up. Put 2 beans across the top then buy a 900s gtx like 950,960,970,980 from what every you have. I just got a 950 vir $40 and it makes $1.25. Roi in 50 days then buy more. Cards are on Craigslist like apps. You just have to look

  5. BTW this guys is doing his calculations a little off you guys they dont cost 180 and moine only draw 3-4 watts max so far at 4-4.15 mhs and with 2 cents to run making me 15 cents a day that like nothing to run at least.. its my lottery ticket haha

  6. it would be kinda cool if you can look into seeing if you can run 1 off there’s off your server or a server like a Synology or some type I mean a Server is on 24/7 anyways right so it only makes sense I mean if your going to have to run that miner all the time you may well do it on something that’s going to be running all the time also if you can also look in to mining of a Server I mean we all know its not going to make much but see how much profit that could be I think it possible I mean they have an app and a docker for just about everything nowadays that would be interesting to see

  7. +Essential Tutorials My 1080ti doesn’t even pull .60cents a day on Zcash so I know a 1060 en 1050 wont.. Its more like 0.15cents with current prices and difficulties, lol

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