ArcBlock ICO Interview Robert Mao CEO

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Robert Mao from ArcBlock and I discuss his upcoming ICO. In our talk we discuss just what ArcBlock is trying to do, controveries surrounding the ICO, sale details, en meer!

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ArcBlock ICO Interview Robert Mao CEO

29 kommentaar

  1. Why is Arcblock ceo always doing these important interviews and amas from everywhere except an office with decent audio etc. Does he not have an office?

  2. even then do the math, 12500eth is cap 75k are whitelisted with each having a personal cap of 3 eth. They oversubscribed by more than tenfold

  3. What about Peer Mountain, have you seen their project? I think online security is a key for the future.

  4. in telegram people keep asking the question about algorand’s patent and still not receive a decent answer from the core team

  5. Martian8 almost every good ICO is a gas war. You’ll be investing in the junk ones if not going into gas wars. plus, they put a limit on gas.

  6. ‪WARNING !Arcblock investors !

    ‪Pls .Spread this all over social media.Push back !

    ‪How can you even consider holding investor’s funds that did not make the ico in time , for more than 2 months just because you decided not to have a smart contract??

    ‪Return our investment ASAP!

  7. Hey I’m part of an ico team and would like to get in touch with you for a possible interview. Where can I get your contact details?

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