Antminer T9 vs. Antminer S9 Mining ComparisonWhich is better?

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Antminer T9 vs. Antminer S9 Mining ComparisonWhich is better?

12 kommentaar

  1. ok, I have to ask this, because it is driving me nuts. Why do you portray your mining related shows to only reflect Bitcoin profitability? Even on the calculator you used it had every other ASIC mined currency on the left side of the screen. So why not show if its profitable to mine one of those too? Bitcoin maybe at the top, but it’s not the only coin out there being mined, and I’m just sticking to ASIC mining and not even bringing GPU mining into the equation either.

    TBH knowing that you’re only going to talk about how profitable mining specifically bitcoin is and nothing else, makes me scroll past these for the most part from you.

  2. João Rabaça Teixeira Which ones you trust now? Bitmain has a monopoly lol no choice unless Samsung comes out with their own miners that do at least 20Ths cause by 2020 the reward of 12.5 btc for each block mined will Half so I don’t know mining is at all profitable going forward. I believe who ever entering mining now is too late to the game.

  3. LakhTek do you even know how many cards go bad in 24 om 48 hours if you receive all you bought? I do prefer the WhatsMiner M3 or even the AvalonMiner 821 if you can afoord to buy in bulk.

  4. I think this calculator is pretty good. I would just suggest go with increase per month about 5% and i would not go over 24 months of life time of miner. I think about 12 months is optimistic the best you can get from your miner. 2 years is max you will get and you probably see some real fire scenes at your home with your miner. Most capacitors will go at 10k hours so about 1-2 years is the best you can get from it.

  5. João Rabaça Teixeira I really don’t get what you mean. Which other miners you can buy except Bitmains ? Most will be only MQBs that an average joe just starting in mining arena can’t afford to buy lol. Even S9 is expensive

  6. LakhTek, the best alternative to Bitmain S9 is the WhatsMiner M3 that with PSU comes at $1,350.00, that is if you have interest as a home miner

  7. T9+ is more heat, noise and also eats slightly more watts compared to s9 and its slower than s9 might last longer but it will get replaced with better gear anyway so it does not matter if it last longer than s9. They used under performing chips for t9 that were not good enough for s9 thats why t9 chips are clocked @560mhz compared to 633mhz for s9.

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