Antminer S9 Vs. Ethereum Mining RigWhich makes you more money?

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Antminer S9 Vs. Ethereum Mining RigWhich makes you more money?

28 kommentaar

  1. im looking forward to that video, i myself am interested in crypto currency mining but have no rig

  2. Hey man, do you have any idea where is the best and trusted place to buy the AntS9 in USA? thanks.

  3. It is from your channel that friends think of me as expert in mining. I even talk like you now.

  4. I watched your review of a few different bitcoin mining machines, and then watched this one. What you say at approx 3:12 in this video is exactly what I was thinkingthe real possibility to make money from this whole concept is by building/buying/selling the mining hardware; seems people are willing to pay some pretty serious money for those!

  5. if you want to feel it out you can start mining AEON with minergate you can use your CPU. AEON is valued at $1.42

  6. It is also good to consider recouped costs as well. ASIC’s depreciate much more than gpus. For example you can resell GPU’s and get back money invested in infrastructure.

  7. With the ETH Miner, wouldn’t it technically earn more money than you explained as you can dual mine on computer?

  8. Dean Naguib no he’s just been watching bitcoin he wants you to send food and water because he is running out

  9. Hi brother, but only statement. I want to know either the state or weather in general about these drives. Is it an advantage of ethereal mining and the best machine wich is better for mining ethereum

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