Altcoins To Watch Late Night Analysis

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This is a late night analysis of altcoins to watch as we are currently sitting in a sea of green.

Altcoins To Watch Late Night Analysis

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  1. REQ is going crazyzzzz don’t miss it. Things going into production in 2 weeks….BUY REQ Don’t miss it or pump and dump . HODL Hard

  2. Thank you very much for all your videos and your effort. Can you do a video about Clearpoll (POLL) and give us your opinion
    about the project! Dankie!

  3. julian johnson damn just looked it up on coin market cap up 62 percent today that’s badass, I might buy some you got any reasons of buying this coin that I should know ?

  4. Yea man a lot is happening there, they have a giant slack following and everyone in on this company DOES NOT SUPPORT PUMP AND DUMP. This company is backed by YC and is in it to win. They are very serious. If you’re smart you would jump on it quick. look at it’s gains in just 2 dae

  5. You think you won’t see a 2-3x gain on LTC? Haha ….alrightie then. I’ll be back in a few months to chat.

  6. what u think about the rothscoin,,its the illuminati bloodline coin,,,lending program coin

  7. julian johnson I tried to invest in this company and I’m having trouble figuring out how to do it. I downloaded eidoo got my username password and 12 word backup phrase. Just ran around in circles from this point and didn’t know where to go or where to start thanks

  8. when looking at prices, dollars don’t really matter. a lot of the charts show dollar value going up, but btc value going down.

  9. Good point, i don’t understand how this works, since we buy these coins with BTC, the chart of coinmarketcap shows green on the $ but on Poloniex it shows red on BTC, anyone can explain please? Dankie

  10. I’m a litecoin fein these days and paid me so well. HODL everything litecoin is going way up 2018 if it is indeed bitcoins silver someone gonna come in and push that price to the moon. 2nd place is coming for litcoin.

  11. DRGN is most certainly not backed by Disney. I hope you get your facts straight before making a video on it

  12. ETH crashed over kitties, so I think it is a useless coin. Imagine what will happen if Crypto gets wide adopted by billions of people. The future coins are Cardano and EOS for daily transactions.

  13. grevriel avarroson could you please suggest which altcoins has good potential in 2018 to give good returns

  14. Verge is near the moon shot so will definitely give around 4 times return in about a month account to my research

  15. Great video! What you think of Agrello? $DLT is probably one of the most undervalued currencies on the market IMO.. Would love an analysis.

  16. Good Stuff Jeff, do you have any opinion on investing in Cardano?, im new to this world and am wondering how they are even at top 15 met 'n 3.5 Bil Cap

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