Altcoin Nuus – Ripple Price Rockets, Stellar Lumens Rockets, Cardano, Blue Security

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This is the altcoin news report for the world of cryptocurrency as we look at various line items including the rise of Ripple, Cardano and Stellar Lumens.

Altcoin Nuus – Ripple Price Rockets, Stellar Lumens Rockets, Cardano, Blue Security

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  1. A wealthier older man told me, “If you are worried about taxes, you aren’t making enough money.

  2. If you believe in income taxes on cryptocurrencies, then you DO NOT understand the communities and you DO NOT understand cryptos!! Governments will need to start coming up with a new way to generate revenue. The IRS is a criminal organization, period

  3. trust me, I would buy BLUE if I didn’t have to risk getting hacked thru EtherDeltaif only they were on a better exchange

  4. The people worrying about their taxes on their modest accounts remind me of the people just getting into bodybuilding that say, “Well I don’t want to get TOO big.

  5. Or you can just move to a country where you don’t have to let the government steal your money

  6. Ja! Bought Tron last nightstill waiting, ETH transfer also not showing up form this morning. Thanks for posting that question.

  7. How can Litecoin compete with Stellar or any modern crypto currency or cryptoasset?

    It can’t. Geen, Lightning Network isn’t working, it will take a long time to get it working and Litecoin will be forgotten by that time.

  8. Dit is nie finansiële advies. “But sell everything you own and buy cryptos”. Jeff , your videos are awesome thats why you have so many subscribers. A ton of common sense .

  9. Even if i was a billionaire and paid no taxes, i would still worry about my fellow man being robbed and extorted.

  10. coinexchange sells blue also, but they charge fee’s like a mofo and the exchange is always on maintenance mode.

  11. Stellar is beautifulno where near the mobility… nog. Not hating by any means only wish the best to all investing into new tech

  12. Jospeh Garcia . Im not a bot. I was just joking around. But seriously though, sell everything and buy cryptos. Dude, today the marketcap went up 3x of what it was worth on Jan 1 2017 in een dag. Just wait till this thing hits 1T we will see gains beyound your imagination. I just did 21k on XLR in 2 dae.

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