Altcoin Nuus – Kodak ICO, geldeenheid, $50,000 Bitcoin Prediction, CanYa, dash, Tron, IOTA Updates

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Dit is Altcoin nuus, from the world of Cryptocurrency. In this round of news, we look at Kodak launching an ICO and what effect this had. We also have a look at why North Korea is taking a liking to Monero, Why Bitcoin is just get started and could reach $50,000 in 2018, CanYa the market game changers? We look at updates on Dash, IOTA and TRON.

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Altcoin Nuus – Kodak ICO, geldeenheid, $50,000 Bitcoin Prediction, CanYa, dash, Tron, IOTA Updates

45 kommentaar

  1. Watching this sea of red kinda hurts when you gotta hold all your positions and can’t invest in more coins.

  2. looks ok to buy now.. just holding on the moving average… was 50% more last night.. it’s pulled back

  3. Tron just partnered with a HUGE company in China, will essentially remove government censorship on video sharing in China!

  4. In a sea of red MOIN is standing out. It’s a privacy coin with a 9 million marketcap, with low circulating supply, proof of staking 3.0, and a private chat feature.

  5. Im in the same boat brother in out of money to invest . I’m not rich like a lot of these it’s acting like we can jump into all these coins everyday

  6. It’s funny how every single time a video comes out everybody that post has a different coin that they say is the one that you should invest in LOL it’s getting a little bit ridiculous

  7. I’m from Rochester NY very exciting Kodak is putting out a crypto they used to employ 84% of my city! All the local radio stations where talking about crypto this morning!

  8. Aldair delibrado obviously kodak because people recognize the company but is already established and covers a broad sprectrum of ownership and publishing

  9. Mambutu O’Malley Same. We might not be rich right now but I guarantee you, this year we all will be financially free. But at least my eth is in green

  10. Electroneum and Tron for the win ! … Also i must send out some love to TokenPaythose guys do not give a s*** ! check out their social media ^_^

  11. Love Life No ETH here. Had to use it to invest in smaller coins. Problems of a small budget to start with. I’ll get there thougheventuallyI hope.

  12. Judging by kodaks stock price increase. Many large companies will be following their footsteps. Extremely excited for cryptocurrency.

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