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Another PayPal Co-Founder Is Embracing Blockchain's 'Seismic Shift'

Another PayPal Co-Founder Is Embracing Blockchain’s ‘Seismic Shift

These Charts Show Why Bitcoin Is Headed To The Moon | CNBC

These Charts Show Why Bitcoin Is Headed To The Moon | CNBC

Bitfinex Lists Verge XVG :

Justin Sun of Tron TRX on Twitter:

Ardor ARDR Platform talks Ignis Update:



Aeternity AE Blockchain on Twitter

Aeternity State of Development: Week of April 23rd, 2018

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VRYWARING Die inligting bespreek op die Altcoin alarm YouTube, Altcoin alarm Dames YouTube, Altcoin alarm Podcast of ander sosiale media kanale, insluitende maar nie beperk tot Twitter, telegram geselsies, Instagram, Facebook, webwerf, ens is nie finansiële advies. Hierdie inligting is vir opvoedkundige, inligting en vermaak doeleindes. Enige inligting en advies of 'n belegging strategieë is gedagtes en menings net, relevant tot aanvaarde vlakke van risiko toleransie van die skrywer, resensent of verteller en hul risikotoleransie miskien anders as joune. Ons is nie verantwoordelik vir jou verliese. Bitcoin en ander cryptocurrencies is beleggings hoërisiko-so moet asseblief nie jou due diligence en die finansiële adviseur te raadpleeg voordat waarnemende op enige inligting verskaf. Kopiereg Altcoin alarm Pte Ltd. Alle regte voorbehou.

Altcoin Nuus: Icon, Smart Kontrakte, Paypal & blok ketting, XVG, Tron, AE, IGNIS

31 kommentaar

  1. The verge partnership is with MindGeek. I think that’s important to distinguish between that and just simply saying pornhub downplays the partnership. MindGeek monopolizes the porn industry. Pornhub is just one of the websites owned by them.

  2. “Flirting with” 😂 now I have something new to shout at my laptop.. “stop flirting an move up!"

  3. Good question. The hype around Tron just makes me stay away from it. The project has a charismatic leader but I’m not sure whether they’ll deliver on their promises.

  4. i cant work out what it does.. seems to all just be hype as you say. I think people just buy it cause it looks cheap. No comment on that justin guy
    i guess you could make money on trading this one but risky

  5. Buy #RBT 9-10X in the making in the month of May .. target 350 Satoshi 🚀🚀

  6. ImmYCee They will be like ethereum, coins will be built on tron’s blockchain. Tron will team up with Alibaba ( the founder it’s in top20 richest of the world ).

  7. Pro tip: if you paid millions of dollars for a partnership deal, that’s not a very good partnership

  8. Ethereum isn’t a preexisting English word. Shouldn’t be too hard to remember the second biggest cryptocurrency going around.

  9. Yea I often get caught calling bitcoin, butcoin and mistake ripple for nipple. It’s tough I know. My apologies for being so harsh on you.

  10. Ethereum Classic doesn’t require the centralized Ethereum Foundation to commit development decisions.

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  12. I have personally told almost 7people about Him and they have all come back to give testimonies about the number of profits they made from His strategy.

  13. It’s funny how older generations criticize new technology without actually understanding it’s fundamentals and benefits.

  14. He’s the reason i am able to boast of 6btc in my wallet, I can’t thank you enough

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