Altcoin Nuus – Crypto Puppies/Pets, Bitcoin Climate Change, KIN, Bitcoin Record Highs

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The altcoin market and cryptocurrencies continue to surge through all time highs daily, with news about Bitcoin mining and CO2 Emissions

Altcoin Nuus – Crypto Puppies/Pets, Bitcoin Climate Change, KIN, Bitcoin Record Highs

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  1. Hey Jeff, big fan of the channel. Appreciate your insight. It would be nice if you quickly stated at the beginning of each video, the time and date that you are recording. This market moves so fast and a bit of a reference point to go along with your valuable information would be awesome. Thanks for the content!

  2. It seems the coins you recommend tend to rise as soon as you release your videos. Good advice, good predictions and good vibes you’ve made me a ton of money 😀

  3. I was just trying to buy some Safex and it is being delisted from Cryptopia as of right now on 12/15/17 @ 12 o’clock pct

    This is the message I get when trying to proceed with a deposit :

    SafeExchangeCoin(SAFEX) Address Error!
    Unable to generate address for SAFEX, rede: Delisting

  4. Just wanted to thank you for the amazing content that you put out everyday. Been following you for 2 weeks now, and have learned a lot from your videos regarding crypto and what to look for when looking into a particular crypto currency. You sir are providing a fantastic service.

  5. I took a 2nd mortgage on my house and put into bitcoin when you said it was going to hit 20k Jeff!!! If you’re wrong then my life is over! I hope you’re not wrong! Thanks for the awesome financial advice! You’re a champ! 🤑 See you at a million!

  6. He has done 2 vids on Verge now. He said it is worth buying even at its high rn. It is only 1pence, so plenty of room to make gains

  7. I would never have taken out a mortgage on my house because of what someone else thinks might happen. You’re crazy dude! Although it’s probably a safe bet anyway.

  8. For me yes I want as much as i can hold for staking which kicks in Q2 2018
    You may want to see if it drops or buy half now and more in a day or so. This is a several dollar coin so you decide how you want to play it. I’m in for the long term.

  9. Someone, why is Monaco showing a %300,000 gain and $68,000 per muntstuk?!?! On worldcoinindex, I took a screenshot

  10. Danny 1911 what fool would pay that much for a nut LOL.
    ja… I figured you were joking. Probably not about the nut though LOL😎

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