Altcoin Buzz Needs You! + John McAfee Joins Apollo – Vandag se Crypto Nuus

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In hierdie video, Mattie talks about our new segment and invites you to be a part of it! Click the link in the comments for more info. He also talks about the news about John McAfee joining Apollo Currency. Dit is 'n daaglikse segment.
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Altcoin Buzz Needs You! + John McAfee Joins ApolloToday's Crypto News

21 kommentaar

  1. Ive been saying since Apollo’s CDE along with many of us from the community. Keep that eye on Apollo Currency. Come join out telegram community group. We Welcome you. 😇

  2. Another nice presentation. Apollo Currency and John McAfeedream team!
    KenB🇱🇷APL4LIFE baby!!!

  3. Nothing against Apollo. I’m sure its a great projectBut duuuude keep that psychotic shill away from any and all projects

  4. Apollo is making moves so fast I cant keep up, certainly one of the if not THE most promising coin/s for the next year

  5. Hi Mattiedo you have a view on Desico? They are bringing Security Tokens to crypto on their own platform. I am interested in security tokens as a whole. Do you have a view on them, and/or Desico?

  6. I’m down for some Apollo, I like McAfee, but dont know how effective he is long term, he is more like a 1 hit wonder turned novelty.

  7. He just created the McAfee Alliance the clean up corruption in the crypto space and is running for president just to promote Blockchain and cryptoI’d say pretty effective.

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