All That Fud with Crypto Markets, Regulations, Technology, Finansies, And More!

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Are we close to getting out of the #Cryptocurrency Bear Market?

Bitcoin In Longest Uptrend of Current Bear Market, But Analysts Expect New Lows

Bitcoin In Longest Uptrend of Current Bear Market, But Analysts Expect New Lows

Analyst: Crypto Markets Will Plunge After Bitcoin (BTC) Begins Making Bigger Moves

MIT Tech Review: “Cryptocurrency one of the worst #technology of 21st century, #blockchain revolutionary”

MIT Tech Review: “Cryptocurrency one of the worst technology of 21st century, blockchain revolutionary

I see no practical use for cryptocurrency: Paul R Brody

Global cryptocurrency market to hit $6.7bn by 2025

Global cryptocurrency market to hit $6.7bn by 2025

UK p0rn block: Can cryptocurrency help Brits to dodge controversial sex website law?

Client Cryptocurrency Payments May Pose Ethical Risks for Lawyers

Texas Representative Wants to Ban the Anonymous Use of Cryptocurrency

Problem gamblers more likely to obsessively trade cryptocurrency, research finds

VRYWARING Die inligting bespreek op die Altcoin alarm YouTube, Altcoin alarm Dames YouTube, Altcoin alarm Podcast of ander sosiale media kanale, insluitende maar nie beperk tot Twitter, telegram geselsies, Instagram, Facebook, webwerf, ens is nie finansiële advies. Hierdie inligting is vir opvoedkundige, inligting en vermaak doeleindes. Enige inligting en advies of 'n belegging strategieë is gedagtes en menings net, relevant tot aanvaarde vlakke van risiko toleransie van die skrywer, resensent of verteller en hul risikotoleransie miskien anders as joune. Ons is nie verantwoordelik vir jou verliese. Bitcoin en ander cryptocurrencies is beleggings hoërisiko-so moet asseblief nie jou due diligence en die finansiële adviseur te raadpleeg voordat waarnemende op enige inligting verskaf. Kopiereg Altcoin alarm Pte Ltd. Alle regte voorbehou.

All That Fud with Crypto Markets, Regulations, Technology, Finansies, And More!

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  1. I unsubbed a while back. But today I happily subscribed. Your guy’s content has improved a ton. Good work

  2. What will make this revolution faster adopted: smartphones already there. Internet for everyone already

  3. Loved this video and gained a new insight, thanks so much! I believe 2019 is the year for building a strong foundation for big blockchain entities as well as other corporations to dip into the blockchain space, this is the year of accumulation before the next bull market in the next year or two! It’s still super early right now, and we should be happy for that! Also eth address: 0xD21110e07CC7Ac5f004675CA6cA8477894989eD8

  4. In video they spoke about perspective tokens. But they forgot to mention Pundi X (NPXS)! It will grow up very strongly this year! Take part in airdrop

  5. It’s good to hear the FUD because no technological revolution is perfect or guaranteed to succeed. Addressing and resolving some of the FUD can only help. As for attorneys accepting cryptos as payment, my personal opinion (not as anyone’s lawyer) is that there may not be an issue provided the funds are not supposed to be deposited in a client trust account, and that the attorney either immediately, converts, or uses a service to immediately convert, the payment to fiat. That may resolve the concerns raised by some commentators. en, if the attorney really wants crypto, provided the above conditions are met, there may not be an issue with immediately converting those funds back to the attorney’s crypto of choice. I see no difference in an attorney taking earned (not trust) funds and spending those earned funds anyway the attorney chooses. Just my two satoshis. ook, 'n 2017 Nebraska ethics opinion states attorneys can accept crypto payments. Hou die groot werk, Altcoin Buzz. 0x30b0A32d9f1745af7B661012dd9eD2039f4b98AB

  6. What does that article mean when it says “global cryptocurrency market to hit 6.7 billion by 2025”. Its 134 billion at the time of writing this comment. Am I missing something here? Or did they mean to say trillion

  7. Thanks Mattie good to get different perspectives. I am so excited to see what happens in this crypto space over the next couple of years.

  8. So they say the marketcap of all Crypto will go down by 95% van 130 miljard! This is super fud and super dumb! All extremes are very unlikely to happen, also to the upside, like saying marketcap will go to 130 trillion deur 2025. Dont’t listen to those extreme views.

  9. FUD isn’t bad, it allows us to buy in at non-inflated prices! If news was about BTC mooning, we’d need to find an exit strategy to secure our bags and avoid the inevitable crash back to earth.

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