AION Review – blok ketting 3.0 – Interoperability is the Future

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In the review on AION Network we look at the importance of interoperability in the blockchain and discuss how the team at AION are going to make it happen.

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AION Review – blok ketting 3.0 – Interoperability is the Future

29 kommentaar

  1. Always looking forward to see your reviews on crypto. I like this video and also the review about Nuls. Can you update your review about Nuls after testnet or mainnet? I would by thankfull

  2. Aion looks like a good sleeper pick with a lot of potential. I’m curious to see what the interoperability alliance does. Wanchain, aion And Icon. Those look like the Avengers!! Aion definitely deserve more press.

  3. Check SALpay Crypto Lark , low cap, working product, great team 50+ and CEO seedstars geneva winner. Really interested in your review!

  4. bad investment look at the release schedule for tokens its designed to keep price increase slow and steady, great project though

  5. Chris R actually it is great for token holders as it doesn’t create a huge dump like other ico’s that are released nowadays.

  6. Have you looked at Luxcoin yet? It also has an interchain interopability solution and its only a 14m project rn. Luxgate, the actual interopability solution, is coming out in Q2!!!!

  7. I don’t think it’s as good of a model as dragonchain’s. They released all their tokens at once but gave nobody bonuses so no one would be able to dump on people who go in on the ico later on. That was one of the reasons why I invested in the dragonchain ico.

  8. You forgot to mention the TELECOM Partnership that will be released soon. This is an amazing project with an amazing team and connections. Huuuge potential

  9. Ja… my second ICO! ❤️ Where were you when this ICO was running? Am proud to be a part of there icoit’s an amazing project with a rockstar team! There partnerships are already huge! MOOG for instanceand the alliance.. just a wonderfull project overall..

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