AION CEO Matt SpokeInteroperability is Key

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Aion CEO Matt Spoke and I discuss all of the latest with Aion, worlwide community, Entreprise Ethereum Alliance, and so much more!
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AION CEO Matt SpokeInteroperability is Key

24 kommentaar

  1. I love getting to talk to the people behind the project, really gives you a great insight

  2. You have to respect a man that can eloquently and succinctly separate the wheat from the chaff like that; my monies on you, Matt! groot onderhoud, Lark!

  3. Thanks for answering our questions Matt. Looking forward to the giant leap with interoperability and AION.

  4. Matt definitely has long term view on blockchain development standing out from the crypto crowd. Toronto gonna be blockchain hub for sure

  5. Good interview, didn’t know anything about AION until now and it looks good. When crypto/blockchain gets boring and no one wants to do videoswe’ll all be rich living the life 😀

  6. Great, Polished Rep for AION.. this is what ARK needs grrrr. Good job Lark.. Although this guy does most of the work enthusiasticly selling the company.. he does it well

  7. Outstanding interview. Exactly, which ones are worth building on. Interesting re: Africa and Zuckerberg/wife Foundation.
    Thanks to Lark and Matt.

  8. Fantastic interview between two important representatives from our community. I am super excited to see what happens with aion in the future

  9. Really impressed the folk at ICX WAN and AION are collaborating with a common goal. Whether this translates to an standards based approach for cross platform protocol remains to be seen.

  10. Nice interview Lark. Another project on my shortlist in January 2019. Heard this project was $10.50 at one stage. Believe it’s around $0.15 now. Has legs for long term investment.

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