Acorns vs. Stash InvestWHICH IS BETTER in My Opinion?

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Acorns vs. Stash InvestWHICH IS BETTER in My Opinion?

10 kommentaar

  1. This may sound like you are doing a repetitive video request but could you do a full review of Acorns. How it works and such. Please! Im a huge fan of Stash, but you are starting to convert me to robin hood. Im using stash and I m very happy with them. Customer service is great too.

  2. Also the money grows in Stash if you pick the right ones. I did my research but please dedicate one video to acorns. A walkthrough how it works because all the ads I see are about it taking change from transactions!

  3. I have acorn started in the June and I love it just be patient and remember don’t panic

  4. no mention of the round-up feature on acorns? the main selling point for me as a savings strategy tbh (investing/trading aside).

  5. australian viewer here, can understand why most Australians watches your videos since many financial institutions here promotes acorns ahah

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