Acorns AppI’ve Made Money!

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koop, verkoop, wat gedoen moet word?

Hou dit ingeskakel hier op die Techcrackhouse vir nuus, wenke, en die beste maniere om te belê.

Skryf asseblief en soos, dit help baie.
Ek laai meer gereeld as Hillary tjeks haar e-pos.


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Acorns AppI've Made Money!

10 kommentaar

  1. this is stupid you made 40 cents with 500 bucks like come on dude only reason why people watch your vids is to learn how to make money not chump change.

  2. Chump change over a long period of time is basically the sole purpose of Acorns. It is a gradual investment utility, not a way to make instant riches. I suggest you look elsewhere if that is what you desire.

  3. I wonder if you was switching portfolios settings in the app. I setup my account back in February and I’ve made way more. My dividends alone have covered the fees.

  4. I got into Acorns to help me save money and get a better return than a savings account. I start February this year. I chose the Conservative portfolio and never changed it. So far I invested $1624, made 13 in dividends, and paid $10 in fees. I also made $45 from referrals and 16 van “Found Money”. At the moment my return is 4.24% but it was just under 7% before I took some money out earlier this year.

  5. Keep it up! people are forgetting you aren’t going the aggressive route so your not going to see a big Gain all at once it’ll slowly grow. But will you eventually try going for a aggressive portfolio to see how that goes, knowing that it is possible to actually gain from using Acorns ?

  6. The best website to make money online is *OnlineNetCareer. Com* you guys need to try it. This is how I’ve been making over $2600 per week today

  7. i’m young so i am doing moderately aggressive. im new so im hoping to make some money off of this as a side gig. how much would i need to put in to bring in $400 n maand?

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