$750 a MONTH? – The Baikal Giant B Coin Miner!

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httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v = kanaal / UCp7Gqpl9Kqiggr_Rs03X5pA

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$750 a MONTH? – The Baikal Giant B Coin Miner!

31 kommentaar

  1. When that Miner First came out It cost If im not rong 1200 i cant remenber 2 days later It Was on 1800 that i dont know further the only Think i know os that the price queck incrising
    The profits are completly rong that Think its like and s9 But better not 100 sure of How Mutch só im not gona say a number Just aim for more that the s9

  2. its 3600usd and 6pcs minimum from what i heard sold out.
    if anyone is willing to share let me know, i would love just one unit.

  3. When you were doing your calculations, you used the Lbry numbers to calculate. Why those numbers rather than the other algorithm numbers?

  4. Watts is an instantaneous rating, but usually when someone rates something at whateverW they mean that per hour, so this unit would be a miserly 400W/hr. Some people draw more power than that just lighting their kitchen and loungeroom. Over an entire day this thing would use only US$1.24 in electricity, watter, at these profit figures, isn’t even a rounding error.

    Sounds too good to be true.

  5. That is odd. Chinese company only accepts USD to Russia? ja, I think I’d want to wait til Baikal contacted me directly through email at least to verify that’s how they operate. Before I’d even make a decision to drop $23K

  6. the difficulties has increased massively since this video has been posted, now the 1yr profitability has been slashed to 150K USD already. There i something wrong

  7. I do not trust DPL, but I am willing to travel to the location and pick up six units, let me know if anyone is game.

  8. cost 17K at Amazon. in few days difficulty was double and profit cut by half (still decent 140K$ year) isn’t that suspicious ?

  9. $750 n maand!*
    *For the first month, then half per month for the next 6 months until the device breaks and you have 0 warranty support

  10. It’s not out yet but you would know that if you did some research before posting a video. Go to Nicehash and look up the profitability of the machine. It’s around $11,000 a month depending on the price of bitcoin.

  11. Looking for anyone who knows where to get my hands on this ? Dont mind paying premium . as long as its ready stock .

  12. All his numbers are correct. You doubters are the ones that should check your facts. Maar, the bad news is it is nearly impossible to buy. Everything sold out in two days and resellers ask 18000 dollars. More bad news is the difficulty has already doubled and will continue. Profit of 20000 per month was 8000 yesterday and will be 4000 in a few days
    I imagine it will drop to 2000 in one month.

  13. TappedlineI’m on FB & Paypal verified. If we can get ducks in a row (w/guaranteed recourse against purchase going south)… I’m game.

  14. (LOOKING FOR OWNERS OF ACTUAL GIANT-B) Hey so whats the final verdict, surely his math is off somehow there is no way even with my $0.05 power cost that this miner can be that profitable right?

    If I buy one ill be receiving it sometime in the end of Febuary so if you could give me a honest projection of monthly average over next 4 months that would be awesome too, but would like to know what its honestly getting TODAY….Thanks a ton!

  15. Contact wechat/whatsapp:8615902067502
    Power Supply for #bitmain #antminerS9,
    #antminer L3+, #D3, #A3, #X3, #V9/
    #Avalon741/#baikal/#InnosilconA4/#A5/#Ebit E9 #Baikal N
    -Input power:#1800W
    -Rated output:12V/140A
    -Effciency :93%-94%
    -10 x 6 pins connectors
    -one year warranty

  16. not at all they actually replaced the Giant B with a BK-B same hashrates same power consumption and is priced @ $400 same algos too these FPGA miners are just as fast as ASIC miners but due to using an FPGA are able to be programmed to support multi algos 🙂 they sell a couple different models and diff algo ones you could collect one of each and have your very own nicehash setup running switching to the most profitable algo each machine can run 🙂

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