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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsTenX founder sees Bitcoin going 10x, South African crypto regrets, Bitcoin art, grootboek, PundiX, Nuls, and much more.

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South Africa Crypto Regret

‘I Wish I’d Invested In Cryptocurrency,’ Say 38 Percent Of South Africans

$60,000 Bitcoin

Art Gallery

Art Gallery Says Sales Jumped 427% After Accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum and Hundreds of Altcoins

Art Collection

World Running out of Gold

US Lawmakers

Lawmakers to Discuss If Crypto Is ‘The Future of MoneyNext Week


100 Tokens By 2020: Ledger Pledges Big Expansion for Crypto Custody

Ripple India



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$60,000 Bitcoin, Crypto Regrets & PundiX, Nuls Updates – BTC & Cryptocurrency Nuus

30 kommentaar

  1. Anyday everyday Lark. You are the one I trust for Blockchain news. Kudos from Hamilton buddy

  2. I just got paid and bought $60 worth of Bitcoin.
    I’m just going to comment how much I buy every paycheck

  3. It’s crazy last year the NULS Bitmain news would have pumped NULS with multiple 100s of % and now it’s just a thing meh.

    Julian also called 5k the bottom. Even though he sometimes says too much, i think he has some valuable insides into the whole business and can talk to persons who also know a lot more then the normal pleb here. Julian also said in December (BTC @ around 18k) that he is taking 20-30% into cash, which was a good call as well.

    Oh yeah and, please put me in for the wallet!
    Cheers brother

  4. Your behind on the firmware update for your nano s LarkYou can store more than 4 apps these days as they use the bitcoin wallet for a lot of themAlso please put me in for the wallet 😀

  5. Nice, need to try again, my manager was acting up last time I tried to run the update, but that is awesome to hear!

  6. *_Crypto is going to be higher and higher_*

    *_And your hair is going longer .. and longer_*

    *_I like the part of Dinosaurs_*

    *_I’m willing to participate in your celebration of your 1 jaar . I can giveaway several Ledger Nano S_*

  7. Happy Birthday, i started the Crypto journey with your channel :D. I’m also in for the wallet ^^.

  8. Happy anniversary, Lark! I went back to sample a few of your videos from a year ago and wow, you’ve come a long way (and apparently you were right about the price of IOTA going up since July 2017). ook, sure, I’m in for the wallet, Lark. 🙂

  9. Greetings from TongaHappy Birthday LarkI hope that the decentralized gods rain sweet green for you. P.s. now why I am here but definitely could do with an extra hardware wallet. .) cheers J

  10. I’m in for the wallet Lark. Can’t wait for pundi x to explode! Good to hear its going live in Hong Kong

  11. Watched your tutorial on how to make a binance limit order back when I was a kidbecause that amount of time in crypto is a decadecongratulations on making the year! Thanks for the consistently unbiased and level-headed content

    (Guess I’m in it for the wallet)

  12. You are my favourite not because of your truthness but your loyalty for crypto,If I win anything then please donate the same amount to a homeless on my behalf lark,Thank you for great content bro,You and David hay are doing good work

  13. When you own your own plane you should paint the Crypto Lark logo on the nose of the plane like the old fighter pilots used to!

  14. Should we make this a regular thread on each vid? i bought 500usd worth of DNR to stake on payday this week.

  15. I love your channel, Lark! You always find a way to take the measured long term approach, without sweating the daily tumult and craziness. Hou die groot werk, buddy! (You also increasingly make me want to move to NZ!) I would be very interested in the hardware wallet drawing. Dankie!

  16. It’s so easy to buy from the ledger store, WHY do people buy elsewhere!?
    Ledger live is way better, I think you can hold more than 18 different cryptos on it?

  17. Came across your first Cardano review and have been a fan ever since, such great content. PS Im in for the wallet!

  18. They say 18 but i’ve never been able to get more than 6 of 7 op, even after updating.
    Update is easy btwdon’t be scared peoplethe longer you leave it to update, the more likely you’ll have to do a full hard reset of the device & wipe it before you can update the new firmware! That will cause some brown underpants….

  19. That is correct because it depends if you install apps using the same or different code base. For example Bitcoin and its clones (kontant, Gold), dash, Pivx etc. are based on Bitcoin and so you can put more apps on your Ledger. However if you choose to install apps like Bitcoin, ETH, Ripple you will quickly fill your Ledger because they are not based on the same code base and so fill your space more quickly.

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