5 Underrated Crypto Technical Traders on YouTube

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We don't have any affiliation with any of the youtube mentioned in the video. It's a list for those who want to learn to trade and not just long-term investment.

These are some of the underrated technical price analysts for bitcoin, ethereum, Dash, bitcoin cash and many altcoins.

PhilakoneDay trade & short-term trading

Haejin LeeLong Term

Trade DevilShort Term

Dobe4EverShort Term and Medium Term

Free ForeverMedium Term

Scrembo Paul

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5 Underrated Crypto Technical Traders on YouTube

21 kommentaar

  1. Thank you for this video. it is very honorable of you guys to recommend other people. I have tremendous respect for that. I also enjoy what you guys do very much thank you

  2. Where the hell is Francis Hunt, the Crypto Sniper, and Matt and Todd from Crypto News. Crypto Hedge for an honourable mention.

  3. I’ve only been in crypto Since the beginning of November. Thus far from watching your videos I’ve increased my portfolio 53% and a net profit of 27k (thanks to IOTA). Love the videos guys!!!

  4. Thank you so much for this video. gister, I was just searching for youtubers who share their trading knowledge. Dankie!

  5. Thanks for the mention, my viewers just told me about this video. You just gained my following, great channel & content xx

  6. cool, thanks! And yes I can confirm dobe4ever is very good 🙂
    Have been following her daily ever since I discovered that channel.

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