$36,000 Bitcoin, BTC Halvering, ADA & ETH updates, TOMO on Ledger Nano, enjins – Crypto Nuus

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Will Bitcoin go to $36,000 teen die einde van die jaar? Mattie will also take a look at the BTC halving, give you the latest from Cardano and Ethereum. He also dives into today's Enjin wallet update as well as Tomochain on Ledger Nano S.
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$36,000 BTC, #Bitcoin Halving

#Cardano ADA and Ethereum ETH Updates

Cardano 1.5 Means Project Shelly, Will ADA Prices Respond?

Cardano and Ethereum Founder Blasts JP Morgan Coin as an Abomination From a ‘Dying Industry

Report Suggests Ethereum May Outperform Bitcoin In Next Bull Market

Tomochain on Ledger Nano S

Social Media in Crypto, Howdoo

Social Media Platforms Can Become Game-Changers For the Mass Adoption of Digital Tokens


Tracking #Enjin Coin’s Surge After Samsung Collaboration Confirmation

Anatomy of a Crypto Partnership: Tracking Enjin Coin’s Surge After Samsung Collaboration Confirmation

Enjin Wallet Update and Big Giveaway

Major Enjin Wallet Update and Ongoing Airdrops to 20 Million Enjin Network Users

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$36,000 Bitcoin, BTC Halvering, ADA & ETH updates, TOMO on Ledger Nano, enjins – Crypto Nuus

22 kommentaar

  1. Are there any decent short term trading opportunities to trade crypto’s during the weekend in the US?

  2. Clickbait. You’re better than this Altcoin Buzz. Or are you. Tom Lee is wrong about everything.

  3. If Futures down hold bitcoin down,that’s the only thing that I’m worried about

  4. I find myself trading into ethereal without a second thought, how could anyone avoid this giant.

  5. Peter Pansen We’re at least two years away from $36000 Btc. But newbies will fall for this clickbait.

  6. Howdoo seems to be under of the radar of many. Under half a cent, low market cap, an impending launch and airdrop with a social footprint of millions via its Launch Supporters including IBM and Hewlett Packard. I’m totally biased (and shilling) but this project is going to set a new benchmark in crypto social media platforms .

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