$100,000 Bitcoin Price Is Not Crazy! Is CME Ready For Ethereum Futures?

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Bitcoin price to $100,000 deur 2021, Ethereum heating up, and Bitcoin more secure than ever as US regulators look set to provide clarity.

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$100,000 Bitcoin Price Is Not Crazy! Is CME Ready For Ethereum Futures?

48 kommentaar

  1. I’m 75 % certain, this will be the best investment you make in your lifetime, like California real Estate in the 70’s, 80se, and after the 2008 crash.

  2. I really really feel like this $100k goal everyone is talking about will overshoot because everyone will want to get out at $100k, so it will react at that level, for sure, but then zoom over it before the next top outJust to make everyone sayArghh! I was too early!!!”

  3. Things is 100k is nothing. At 100k it will still be worth less than 1/5th of that of gold. And honestly..why own gold when you can own bitcoin? BTC will probably correct dramatically from 100k, down to 40-50k or even less. But then it will go to 1 million.It just will. Screenshot this comment if you like. Call it psychology or magic, but we all know that Bitcoin must reach 1 million dollars.

  4. Crypto Lark has become my favorite YouTube Influencer, except of course Andreas Antonopoulos! Like this comment if you agree! #LarkGang!

  5. go to garage sales and buy peoples old computers, to see if they have any forgotten Bitcoin wallets on them 🙂

  6. I usually listen your videos on a third party android app but I make sure to come here to push that like button. Keep up the good work, man!

  7. I know we don’t know…. Hence every day is an adventure!

    Just stackin those sats and chillinbaby 😎

  8. I am 100% convinced , every big money players are into btc , especially Buffett . Can’t prove it, but I believe it

  9. Terry Higgins I’m a little more short sighted . Got a feeling we will be talking/speculating on the price during pre/post halving coming next May 2020.

  10. I had all or most of my stack in BTC bought at 3k. I made a move on the last big jump to move most into XRP. Wish I had left it alone for a while longer. But thats trading, vriende. Sucks though. LOL

  11. Price prediction and TA are the two last thing you wanna do on bitcoin, because you never know.

  12. Crypto Lark is great! en, ja! Andreas is legendary! If you like deep, analytical thinkers, which I think you do by your choices of these two amazing people, check out The Delta Report. Glen’s daily show is extremely thought provoking.

  13. sony joseph yeah the time to load up is now. I’m hoping one of my smaller cap alts can hit so that I can throw that profit on more ETH. ETH is already my biggest holding.

  14. TwelfthRoot2 . Similar strategy , wish you success. I hope to use incremental amounts of btc price action to buy some eth

  15. I have 25 eth trying to trade up to 32, wish I had bought 32 in dec and jan when I had the chance

  16. Stop pumping bitcoin so much.

    It’s ridiculous how all you yt gurus try to out compete each other.

    Enough already!!

  17. Oh it’ll get there, but you gotta sell at the top because it will retrace back to $20k you can count on that lol

  18. Nobody on this planet or this realm can predict the true future price of bitcoin, Period!. Bitcoin time traveller has got it right with almost absolute accuracy, his 2019 prediction is 100K, 2021 1 million I think. I think by late this year early next year we’ll see 100K BTC if only for a moment.I’ve been an Ethereum holder for a while now, I think it will be nauseating to look back at ETH prices today wishing we loaded the boat.

  19. Dude, look at the evidence around you. This is the investment of a lifetime. Go hate on IQD investors 😆

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