$100 AltCoin Investment Challenge | Round 1

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This is the first installment of a new concept series called $100 Alt Coin Investment Challenge. If you guys show interest in this we will do these as a monthly challenge, and may even include prizes on later challenges.

For now the first challenge is to comment below how you would invest $100 in hypothetical money in the AltCoin market, and plan to hold those coins until January 31, 2018. You are not allowed to trade the coins in this challenge at any time, as per the rules.

Be sure to comment what you think of these types of challenges so that we know if you guys are interested.

$100 AltCoin Investment Challenge | Round 1

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Charlie Lee is a saint. Be jealous if you choose, but he’s NOT keeping the money EARNED from a decade of work. He DONATED it to support the LITECOIN FOUNDATION which is the real VALUE of Litecoin. I hate any insinuation he sold for any reason other to support further work to keep Litecoin as a viable currency as up to now the Litecoin Foundation relied on DONATIONS!

  2. $50 into WaBi, $50 into DeepBrain Chain. Both awesome companies with real, working products and a ton of room for growth. Investing right at this moment, that would get me 22.12 WaBi and 416.67 DBC.

    Smart entrepreneurs will watch both of these companies carefully over the coming year.

  3. Sean Seaphan No worries. I agree with OP though. People will pay stoooopid money for what they think is valuable, or more importantly, what others tell them is valuable.

  4. They already have product working and now partnering with HP. Their current value is way too undervalued. I’m big on SONM too!

  5. Paccoin(PAC) and Embercoin(EMB) are going to skyrocket in 2018! Invest $100 and you’ll easily make 6 figures back in 2018! They are legit guys

  6. This is becoming more and more my choice as well…for my spread on a more sure thing id go $25 TRX, $25 XVG and $50 ADA

  7. it is barely a month old coin. with the big announcements down the pipeline, potential bigger markets, mining features in the near near future. my prediction it will 300% in the next 2 weeks.

  8. Charlie might be a saint but his marketing team needs to review his twitter posts before hand because the man gets to emotional.

    The tweet last night saying he has to step away from LTC in the future because he is makin it to centralized might be his worst tweet of 2017

  9. Just wait till they do more marketing and get listed in more exchanges. Easily seeing SNM hitting around 4 dollars.

  10. Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining… A huge competitor of Golem with far more promise!

  11. Why was he not selling his LTC at $10? instead, he sold them at the highest point? There are so many ways to do instead of crashing the market!

  12. lol i don’t know about 3x in two weeks, but it has been holding super steady for about a week now

  13. Good Coin !!! Very promising in relation to Circulating Supply to Total Supply and Volume 1/5.

  14. Xiaotian Guo yes I know what Wabi is used for and just because you’re Chinese doesn’t make your point anymore valid. Stupid comment to make

  15. Christian Ito
    LoL, WaBi is not even popular in the Chinese community. Of course, it’s your money and you can invest whatever you want, but don’t cry when you are loosing your invetment

  16. Hey Steve, thanks for the video and a nice challenge. $100 is a nice amount to work with, just enough but not too much. For me I thought long and hard and have to go with mostly privacy coins. I would put $15 into NEO and hope it gets a breakthrough – thus pump. $55 into DeepOnion based on its 10x return over last 3 months. The remaining $30 into OMG and hope it too has a breakthrough with the Thai government. I guess the NEO and DeepOnion will bring the best rewards over the given time period. Excited to see what others say.

  17. definitely way better to start with 100 USD than nothing and crypto is a great place to make it grow.
    I really like the projects you pointed out. adding to it: heard that DCR (decred) and (Via) may launch anon features in 2018 as well. but these re still rumors.
    I’m quite interested in DeepOnion as well, great differential with DeepVault feature, VoteCentral and Deepsend coming, this project will shine next year!

  18. How are things gong 6 months after? We are in 2018 look now at PAC EMB and ETN values and calculate what remain of your 100$

  19. Mr. Altcoin Buzz it would be great if now, after 6 months you take back this challenge, and take some suggested portfolios in comments and look at results of HODLING after 6 months. In most cases, it’s a catastrophe!

  20. Worst investment ever in a scam coin: How much % loss after 6 months from 31th December 2017?

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