$10 TRILLION Northern Trust Entering Cryptocurrency – Vandag se Crypto Nuus

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In hierdie video, Mattie talks about Nothern Trust entering crypto, Coinbase adding new currency and a crypto exchange is now sponsoring a premier league football team! Dit is 'n daaglikse segment.
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Northern Trust VP, Governments Will Eventually “Digitize Their Currencies”

Northern Trust Opens Doors To Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds As Part Of Pervasive Blockchain Expansion

Cryptocurrency Exchange Now Sponsors A Premier League Team

Wolves cash in sleeve deal with cryptocurrency platform


CoinDeal sponsorship details

Coinbase Customers Can Now Buy Crypto with GBP

Coinbase Customers Can Now Buy Bitcoin With British Pounds


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$10 TRILLION Northern Trust Entering CryptocurrencyToday's Crypto News

40 kommentaar

  1. hector calderon They are. The quiclest way to buy BTC is with Cash App. They claim to have no fees but you cannot choose your fee for the speed of Tx though. It seems like the fee is .05% to make the transaction and then the same to transfer. Which is kinda crappy. But as far as creating an account and how easy it is. It is the quickest and easiest way.

  2. I’ve been using them since Jan 18 …. never had to convert to euro firststraight gbp to btc, eth, ltc purchasestill waiting for arp pairing

  3. Very informative and reliable services made from Mr Roland Charon’s strategy, i made 12,500 eur in 5 days with 1000 eur, i think his method is the easiest i have used and very profitable.

  4. HarrisonLive05 Because 98% of crypto Youtubers are full of the product you see after defication. If you werent involved in crypto years before 2017 then you missed out on the greatest opportunity since the gold rush. Unless you invested in bonds in the 70’s or maybe became a decent crack/coke dealer in the 80’s.

    Imagine going on coinmarketcap and seeing less than 30 cryptos to choose from. There were still more than 30 cryptos that existed but, you were pretty much in a win win with lower risk and lower capital was required to invest and have an amazing outcome Now the whales manipulate the market. It is more abiut trading rather than holding for the long term. The US has made trading as distasteful as assuming social security is something to look foward to. The Lambos have already been purchased. I still believe in market growth but the chances of investing in the right projects/coins is like playing the lottery now.

  5. Great exposure for crypto regarding Coindeal sponsoring Wolves. Nog ' 5 years and crypto will be absolutely everywhere.

  6. Am glad you talk about roland, he made $7500 a week with just $1000 investment i made. he is amazing.

  7. So bofore every institute is in,we wont get up.They al wil keep it low till they loaded.Al that companies who saying they will enter the market.i not see it back in the prices?They only talking,they not buying.When al those companies who said they are or want to get in,we already must have a 2 trillion MC.How more they speak to get in,how lower we go.

  8. Great video there not the only crypto related sponsor in the Premiership Arsenal FC have cashbet as a sponsor too.

  9. Mike Elbow No the good projects will still boom,but yes the days of buying any old shitcoin and getting a massive pump may be gone,e
    We’ll see..

  10. Lee Newt
    Geen, Crypto is a process and is a new upcoming currency transaction platform the world can all use. if you had foresight you might know it all and neither you or I don’t. You may be stuck in hindsight. Having insight helps with day to day changes. You must be patient and believe or just get out of the market and lose altogether on any prosperity crypto may bring to you in the future. If you don’t like crypto, why spend your time on this channel? This is a poor use of your time unless you are a paid troll!!!

  11. BlueMoonBrightStar there is huge manipulation by a small number of people who work together on price manipulation and price suppression and exchanges should be audited for price manipulation. Why but a small amount of people making Billions $$ and coinbase are shameless on over charging users.
    Altcoins dropped in price very well coordinated then Bitcoin spikes and now drops so the people seeing this price action assume market rigging and keep away. I want decentralisation not the same old in a new format. I’m not a troll it’s my opinion.

  12. It will take years and quite a few economic cycles to see meaningful results. It can’t be like it was last year. If you don’t have five years than then it’s not for you. Money making endeavors are a find and are valuable. As new big players see how to make it work this market will not be thrown away.

  13. Sell then. please. save yourself.. you havent been here since 2012 have you ? this happens. wait till november

  14. well thats another story but its never reached that in years. you need to look at the market cap charts not even close to that. aangesien 2016 it always slows down at this time. traders go on vacation with their kids. it peaks around december then crashes again in jan feb

  15. Haha yeah right? They just trying to make money off viewers by clicking on their video ads. Desperate for attention when it’s obvious cryptos are finished and btc will be worthless by end of the year.

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