Jy het geen idee hoe High Bitcoin kan klim. Ek is Bullish! + Starbucks & Ebay Crypto Aanneming Nuus

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Here is the latest crypto market analysis! Bitcoin hitting new 2019 highs! Starbuck accepting crypto through Gemini App! Ebay introducing crypto to it’s 180 miljoen gebruikers! So much news and analysis to share! 👍

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How the BTC bear market of 2018 compares to the previous bear markets

Pomp Tweet: Bitcoin has had its largest volume of all-time two days in a row

Misir Tweet: Bitcoin dominance is at 60%.

Bitcoin Whale Moves 48,000 BTC To Two Separate Wallets

Bitcoin Whale Moves 48,000 BTC To Two Separate Wallets

Forbes: Starbucks, Nordstrom And Whole Foods Now Accept Bitcoin. Just Don’t Ask Them.

Flexa Launches App Where Shoppers Can Spend Crypto at 15 Major US Retailers

ZEC CEO TWEET: I receive 2000 ZEC per month.

Bitcoin Miners Are Currently Earning 8x More in Fees Than All Other Cryptocurrencies Combined

Reddit: All exchanges should implement a friendly-reminder popup when they click anything with the word "bitcoin". This will avoid confusion for newcomers.
eBay to Accept Crypto? New York Adverts Hint at Huge Mainstream Breakthrough

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Jy het geen idee hoe High Bitcoin kan klim. Ek is Bullish! + Starbucks & Ebay Crypto Aanneming Nuus

63 kommentaar

  1. As the market goes up, your voice gets deeper. Hope you sound like berry white soon!

  2. Thanks for the great videos along the years. Most of us here knew these days were coming and even better days yet to come. But you guys work have kept us informed and so kept the fud away.

  3. Appreciate you saying that Karl! Yes we were with you in the very depths of the bear market. Glad we both stuck around.

  4. Omg im so happy i bought 3 coins in feb 2019don’t do it they said why risk your savings you worked so hard for they said…. i love taking risks and look who’s laughing now😁😁

  5. Fine, but I’m still mad we didn’t get a crack at $2.5k and I’m willing to complain about it to anyone who’ll listen.

    Jk good stuff as always AD.

  6. There are no resistance and support when manipulation comes in coz market is largely unregulated

  7. Me too. I set-up a weekly savings plan with Revolut. Buying one crypto every day ETH, LTC, XRP, BTC, none on weekends.

  8. CANT BELIEVE wake up and BTC 8k market cap 239 Billions Whattttt
    Till 2 weeks ago was 4kjust crazy …. will say again
    R.I.P 2.5K BTC…..

  9. Darshan Natekar u are a fool not to sell and take profits .. u idiot u think its going to 50 thousand dollars.. keep dreaming and i sell and took profits already

  10. I’ve tried to tip you bat, but says it’s unable too, try later, WTF am I doing wrong? ANYONE have that same prob?

  11. +pawan sharma Then I will happily buy your BTC on 8 k. Thanks for your generosity

  12. This rally is absolutely nuts and can’t be sustainable wtf is going on but hey I’m happy got btc in the 3 to 4k level

  13. I’m late to the Bitcoin game, but I own a Litecoin and other Cryptocurrency’s. I hope it, or the others I own pull through 🤞🏾

  14. Great time to invest in altcoins. Morpheus Network, Wish, AXPR, Hacken, Essentia are hidden gems. 100x-1000x during this bull run!

  15. Bitcoin reached the ceiling, Ripple is going up cuz people are buying XRP with BTC, it’s a sign that Bitcoin is going to have a huge correction

  16. Bitcoin went up way too fast and i’m waiting for a pullback also so I can buy more. I need to take out a loan

  17. Depends on your time frame. If you’re in it for the next few years I would saysure”, go ahead and buy, but if you think it’ll keep going up short term I’d say “geen” as we are due for an epic pullback.

    If it were me I’d probably scale in so you’ve got some BTC but also some fiat to buy when it dips again.

  18. Seems reasonable. I’m hoping it stays above 6k though. Longterm if we stay above 6k that would be pretty bullish.

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