Will XRP Ever Reach $1.00 weer? + HTC Bitcoin Full Node Phone Released!

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An article recently was published giving three BIG reasons why XRP will not get above $1. Ten spyte van hierdie, I still think it’s possible. Here is how.

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XRP WON’T SEE $1 AGAIN, Hier's hoekom

XRP Won’t See $1 weer, Here’s Why

Fidelity Digital Assets’ Testing Opens to More Qualified Investors

Fidelity Digital AssetsTesting Opens to More Qualified Investors

HTC’s Latest Blockchain Phone Can Run a Full Bitcoin Node

HTC’s Latest Blockchain Phone Can Run a Full Bitcoin Node

What To Expect w/ The HTC Exodus Bitcoin Phone | Interview w/ Phil Chen, Decentralized Chief Officer

What To Expect w/ The HTC Exodus Bitcoin Phone | Interview w/ Phil Chen, Decentralized Chief Officer

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Will XRP Ever Reach $1.00 weer? + HTC Bitcoin Full Node Phone Released!


Geskep deur Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann

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  1. I feel like XRP is for the non-radical and non-weirdo crypto advocates haha. XRP is currently expressing the most realistic and practical use-case of any crypto in my opinion. I’d like to mention that it’s not my largest holding, but I think it’s pesemistic towards the macro environment to not realize the potential of XRP within the global economy.

  2. In terms of total supply of BTC vs XRP, when you look at total number of Bitcoin Satoshi’s vs the total number of drops (XRP’s smallest divisible unit), there are roughly 47 times more total drops than total Satoshismuch less than when you compare the total number of whole units of BTC to whole units of XRP. Scarcity is a matter of perspective. Using this math, if the value of a satoshi equals the value of one drop, dan 1 XRP today could be worth $185.00. Its going to come down to actual utility, which XRP has in that it is faster and cheaper than bitcoin, and doesn’t require 1% of the worlds energy production to maintain.

  3. Austin What are your thoughts 💭 on Algorand project? Will you do a video on Algorand. Dankie…

  4. Good afternoon Aaron and Austin. I believe Xrp will go beyond 1 USD by 2020. I say March 2020. Thanks again for a daily upload. Keep up the great work/content.

  5. @MK Ultra The XRP token was created before there was a company called Ripple and OpenCoin. The token was gifted to the company as a way to responsibly grow the ecosystem and its use case, like any sound business should. Half of all XRP is held in escrow, and is released monthly and sold as needed to further the utility OTC. XRP tokens not sold are put back into escrow. This guarantees that the market is not flooded and the price impacted. XRP is traded on over 140 independent exchanges and the price reflects retail sentiment, not what Ripple the company wants it to be. Verder, Ripple is transparent in their intentions on the purpose of XRP, which is to be a utility token capable of transferring monetary value globally, be it in large or small micropayments. Verder, with every XRP transaction, drops of XRP are burned, meaning the supply actually deminishes over time. No more XRP can ever be created again, per the code. When you invest money into biitcoin mining, you are basically trying to mine for digital gold, hoping to hit pay dirt, all the while paying for equipment and electricity. Ripple skipped that in order to actually solve real world problems, which is how to make the current system that EVERYONE already uses, function more efficiently at a lower cost. Ripple is the only company doing this. People buy XRP because they believe it’s value will rise as its utility and actual use increases over time. People invest in bitcoin because they think the value will go up as more people enter the space and believe in its ability to hedge against economic uncertainty. Both cases are valid reasons for holding each of the tokens. To believe otherwise is simply not accepting that different tokens have different purposes.

  6. Whale Rider that’s 1 million Bitcoin that will never be touched. Satoshi made Bitcoin even more scarce.

  7. Royce Jakob Yup I have a diversified portfolio where my holdings in those assets are close to their marketcap ranking. So XRP n2 so far!

  8. Exactly, XRP is the most advanced and best use case tech in Crypto, but these retards hold BTC for speculation pump dumping, so they are in denial.

  9. We will soon mine a few satoshis every time we use our phones, true decentralization is just beginning.

  10. @Dustin Deyo #xrparmy oehoehahaah woohoo xrp is gonna moon #wearegonnagetcrazyrichandbuylikecarsandstuffwoohoe i invested. I just joint the #xrparmy woohoe let take out loans and by xrp woehoe #xrparmyforthewinbitcoinisgonnadiewhoeoe

  11. Trump is the king of debt. If you think U.S. can run up debt forever your wrong. I will never buy U.S. bonds because they will never be able to pay me. UBI is coming no matter whose in office. Plus he understands economics so there’s that. Could Yang save us from a collapse? Geen. If the economy was as strong as trump said we would be able to raise interest rates. Keep trump in office to keep us entertained and and let the inevitable happen faster.😉

  12. @Altcoin Daily Well you spreading uncertainty ain’t cha. Thats was the U in F(jy)D stands for brah.

  13. @Frank InglisI think you are saying if banks can control XRP, add coins, change the ledgeryeah then it would definitely be the biggest SCoin by market cap.

    In theory not even Ripple Labs is able to control XRP, though they do have a lot of control, it is not total (nog?).

    Check out XLM!

  14. @drx1 xym actually, Ripple Labs already has full control of xrp network because they control who gets to be a validator node on the UNL.

  15. Don’t make fool of yourself.. so sad your FUD … “there is not enough use case”… do some real research before talking about XRP

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