Will Coinbase add BAT, rimpeleffek, or Tron??? [Bitcoin, Altcoin, Cryptocurrency Nuus]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,
Let's talk about Coinbase. Coinbase announced that it will be adding altcoins in 2018, and this has led to a lot of speculation. Today we discuss Basic Attention Token (BAT) , rimpeleffek (XRP), and TRON (TRX). We discuss why these might be the coins chosen.

What do you guys think?
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soos. Betaal.

****Not financial advice. Just opinion. I'm just a normal guy. Not an expert on anything.

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Will Coinbase add BAT, rimpeleffek, or Tron??? [Bitcoin, Altcoin, Cryptocurrency Nuus]

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  1. Good stuff as always. I know how much Ripple is disliked but I’d love to hear more about it as I think this will be a great year for XRP..

  2. Hi: eerste: you have awesome information. THANK YOU…. One of the important guys of Ox worked in Coinbase (Like Charly Lee). There are rumors that they have connections there. IOTA is for me the must futuristic project. For me is a top 3 coin-project

  3. nitin nishant sure. I explain it pretty clearly in my deep dive I did two weeks ago. Don’t mean to just send you to another link, but this will be more clear than me typing it out. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/7c1U6z0nWu0

  4. Once again really nice video update from you! Thanks for sharing it with us! Looking forward to see more stuff! 😉

  5. Former Coinbase employees over on the 0x development team and their offices are even close to each other.

  6. XPR will Never be added to Coinbasethe Coinbase CEO came right out and said so on a cable news show .

  7. Hi altcoin daily brothers, thanks for the video; very good info. I can’t wait for BAT and XRP to be added. I invested in both and looking for some gains. I really believe in BAT, ripple was one of my first coins and I will probably sell at breakeven since it is a little too centralized in my opinion. More coins on coinbase is more new/dumb money in these coins.

  8. Rob Winnen I like it. If you hold long enough you will def make money with Ripple. Na my mening. Love BAT. They have a great team behind them

  9. Rob Winnen Wht didnt you buy the dips? You could’ve broken even already. Dont be in a rush to sell xrp. It could make you a millionaire.

  10. I own all three Tron, Ripple and BAT. Maar, I heard that 0x is going to be the next coin added to Coinbase. Do your research and you might find this is going to happen.

  11. seker! Chico Crypto on YouTube had some really great indications about 0x and certain relationships of peeps that worked for Coinbase and now work for 0x. Check it out! Let me know what you think. BAT looks really good too.

  12. For the ERC20 tokens to even be added, 0x would have to be there. 0x is a decentralized exchange which focuses on ERC20 tokens. Oh, did I forget to mention that the cofounder of CoinBase is an adviser on the team, as well as 3 other members used to work for Coinbase?

  13. I heard the same, XRP will never be added to Coinbase. The best contenders are Stellar, BAT, ZRX, Tron, NEO, IOTA, maybe NEM or ADA.

  14. Cesar Contreras very true. Do or Die moment for Tron. We finally get to see a working product.

  15. Teo Taneski will SciDex be added to coinbase? I don’t see why it would. Too early.

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