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34 kommentaar

  1. Hopefully XLM going to ath. Rembember when xlm was .02 and xrp was 0.28. Now it will be soon 1:1 in term of price.

  2. most people don’t, even tons of youtubers that i’ve talked to, their eyes glaze over when I talk about Stellar’s DEX and their other missions.

  3. Fantastic review! Concise and accurate and I love how you give a realistic price forecast instead of like others who are always predicting the moon, lol. Great project!

  4. XRP had so much hype, turns out pretty much no one using their xRapid systemStellar on the other hand is making deal after deal and bringing a 360 degree view of blockchain infrastructure.

  5. 500% – 2500% is considered astronomical in any other market. People who think Stellar will be worth $100 any time soon don’t understand basic token economics (or math) lol. Glad i could help.

  6. FUD TV XLM is a long term Hold. It s going to be a big competition between xlm/xrp/ltc, which is good for the market. If the IBM partnership works out as well, that would be a great think for crypto.

  7. Awesome video. My biggest holding is XLM. I’ve been buying every week since Oct 17 🙂

  8. Thanks bro I feel more passionate about blockchain after your videos, your passion is contagious

  9. Sleeping giant for years. Its not a populair coin but its gaining easy over the years. Im a hodler!

  10. I’m a long term fan boy of Stellar, but it was good to be reminded of more reasons as to why I should remain a fanboy. Your videos are great. Fast, thorough and accurate. Dankie.

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