WHY BITCOIN WILL EXPLODE IN 2-5 JAAR!!! [Cryptocurrency Perspective]

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Watch this video to find out where I see Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in 2-5 jaar. Obviously I have no inside informationbut these are my thoughts.

soos. Betaal.

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Technology Feels Like It’s Accelerating — Because It Actually Is


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***Nie finansiële raad! JUST MENING! EK IS nie 'n kenner! JY nodig het om jou eie navorsing te doen en maak jou eie besluite! Dit is net vermaak!

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WHY BITCOIN WILL EXPLODE IN 2-5 JAAR!!! [Cryptocurrency Perspective]

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  1. Oh man, you nailed it when it comes to spending crypto to promote adoption. If we want to see further crypto adoption, we really need to USE this stuff for its intended purpose. I really believe people in this space need to dedicate a small portion of their holdings and use it for purchases, online and in person. Christmas is around the corner.

  2. Sjoe, my fav is SOBRIETY.! Only thing beer did for me is destroy my life.! Not knocking drinkers. I just can’t handle it.! Stick to crypto.! That’s what channel about.!

  3. Mostly because cryptos are appealing to the young generation which doesn’t have any prior investment experience.

  4. Because some of them have never invested on other markets before. Some of them actually took loan(s) and put themselves in a position where it’s go all in or lose everything. And the rest of them just downright fell into a scam like bitconnect and tryna get back by investing some more and losing some more. I think I covered most reasons XD

  5. +On a Silver Platter it did not take long for me, a millenial, to learn how to hodl patiently.
    i bought several alts in July 2017, verkoop $1000 worth to break even last november, then bought back in at ATH LOL

  6. I’m still amazed at the idea that people are still talking about USING BTC. It’s almost like the laws of economics have been thrown out of the window. If it is infact money, there are two major phases of money: store of value & medium of exchange. You can’t get medium of exchange without a store of value. BTC at the moment isn’t stable enough to be a store of value so USING it is useless as it’ll be converted right back into fiat. No merchant accepts the US dollar just to convert it into another depreciating currency.

  7. That idea on spending bitcoin and automatically buying more is brilliant! We need to find ppl to make that a thing

  8. We spend dollars because they lose value the longer you hold them. Until the price of Bitcoin stops moving each day, it won’t get spent in mass. Why spend today when there is achanceit may buy more tomorrow? We are in a difficult situation for sure!

  9. Just think about all the lost private keys in 2018 alleen, btc holders that have died this year..etc. There’s constant slow attrition of available BTC that it can be actually considered double deflationary, I think the bull run in 2017 will be dwarfed by the next one in the years to come.

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