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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,

Let's talk about why Bakkt is a game changer for Bitcoin! Kyk die video.

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Bakkt/ICE Press Release:

How Bakkt could lead to ETF approval:

soos. Betaal.

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***Not Financial Advice! Just Opinion. Do not buy anything until you do your own research.

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62 kommentaar

  1. Got my “crypto” fix this morning! Now my day can begin. I don’t curse often but SHthis possibly revoluntionary. Astonishing

  2. I watch your daily videos pn my morning break with my coffee. Love ya brotha. We are a community, i agree. Lets crush it

  3. I was excited about Bakkt….but didnt do the deep dive like this…….holy shiiii***. Im even more pumped. Alot of capital coming to thespace

  4. Check out the podcastUnconfirmedepisode.032 (on spotify) regarding bakkt. I’d like to know your thoughts?
    Keep up the Great work!!

  5. Great job bro super bullish 4 crypto the little guy gotta load up projects they believe in and hodl 4 the ride it’s coming along with silver n gold the world is changing globally fast!!!

  6. cboe will probably be delayed,market will go down and alot of fud,then bakkt gets approved and maybe some others aswell and we moooon.

  7. Opportunity knocks very softly. I can hear some knocking about cryptos, and the knocking is getting louder every day.

  8. I read this the day it came out but you make it sound so much better then I originally though or could comprehend. Thanks for all you do. Crypto to the moon!!

  9. +Altcoin Daily- you mentioned that it is subjected to CFTC approval ? Is there a risk of ICE not getting the approval ?

  10. That was like an otc buy….just like otc buys on bitcoin dont effect the market. However woth bakkt it will be market buys and liquidity and money entering the space

  11. I’m going to sell my house, buy Bitcoin, and live in a tent, until I can buy a mansion!
    (Not really, maar) this sure is exiting news.

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