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  1. eventually one or more of the altcoins will display real utility and when we reach that point then the fun will start. It’s worth mentioning that Dash is gaining real traction in Venezuela and i’ve use this in preference to BTC myself. I have checked out many of the projects and thereis one that I think will get to user adoption quicker than most and that is THEKEY. This project is made for blockchain and it has a solid team and partnerships, pilots etc Furthermore it has already got a functioning product that is being used and blockchain will add even greater value to it. This might be a crude shill but check it out and see for yourself 🙂

  2. Use BTC or ETH to buy alts? How does one analyze the alts to satoshi to know best time to buy an altfor example Cardano or Ontology

  3. I completely agree. All the OG BTC traders are hedging, shorting, etc and investing in alt coins not because they believe in the future of those projects (at least it’s not time for that yet) but simply to increase their BTC. That’s why even though more and more FIAT pairings are being created with altcoins decouplings aren’t yet happening because 1) products aren’t out being demanded for and 2) everyone’s trading to increase BTC. This all is also the reason that even if there’s a strong community believing in and HODLing their favorite project(s) it can’t stand against the weight of those who know there’s more profit to be made in BTC and trading that same coin. HODLing is not as strong as buying. It’s not simply about HODLing. It’s knowing what to HODL when. Not to mention all the whale/bot price manipulation that has to be fought in microcaps.

  4. Another super insightful video my guy. You keep it real at all times and the real ones appreciate that!

    Question for you, do you think any of these companies that have questionable token use cases will opt to devalue their tokens and just allow their mainnet to run without the use of their tokens? Is that a possibility? I’m asking this because recently Digipulse (DGPT) did this and just decided to have people pay for their platform using fiat currency, which ruined things for the people that are invested because sometimes we forget we’re invested in the tokens, not the actual company. Apologies for the looong message but do you have any thoughts on this?

  5. Hi, I have been a long time follower and love your videos. Would you agree with me with all the turmoil happening outside of cryptocurrencies from property, business and stock investments seem to all be extremely sensitive that investors are simply mitigating risk?

    I believe in crypto but I wish I took some back to fiat to buy of some of my debts?

  6. Vite keeps falling in this market, but it’s like Nano + smart Contract. Super secure, very strong team, active github, and good partnerships. This is one to keep an eye on.

  7. Next bull run will come for sure, just keep hodl. Some Altcoin dead but there is some altcoin remain strong and that’s the community in DeepOnion $ONION

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