What Now? | Bitcoin Market Analysis | WAARSKUWING: Only My Opinion [Crypto Nuus]

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Bitcoin Year Clandle Chart

Bitcoin Price Models

Bitcoin Block Reward Halving Countdown

Bitcoin prys (dollar) vs Bitcoin Supply

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Tone Vays YouTube video: Has Bitcoin Bottomed? – Let's Debate!

Has Bitcoin Bottomed? – Let's Debate!

Will Woo Tweet: Is the bottom in, final figures… % probability Bitcoin has bottomed:

Bitcoin Volume Surges in Brazil, Reaches New Daily High
https://beincrypto.com/bitcoin-volume-surges-in-brazil-reaches-new-daily-high/?utm_source = reddit&utm_medium = sosiale&utm_campaign=BTC&utm_content=crls

Binance BUSINESS INN (BNB) is one of the only cryptos to hit all-time high since 2017

Cryptocurrency needs government's help, says presidential hopeful Andrew Yang

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What Now? | Bitcoin Market Analysis | WAARSKUWING: Only My Opinion [Crypto Nuus]

59 kommentaar

  1. Alts are domping, hard, some even gave back the gains from the march, April pump. Good channel btw. Subscribed and clicked the like

  2. I bought in at 6400 or so, about a month before the big drop. I’m patient though, I know it’s heading back in the other direction and I’m a long term believer. Thanks for the great content and analysis.

  3. I was so close to selling my BTC at $5182 but I didn’t. Glad I didn’t now, it’s going back up.

  4. the days of tethering your crypto as in 2018 are gone, its now buy the dips and take some profits on coins to place into other coins to increase total coverage

  5. Hi Aaron, Thanks for your informative videos. You always animate me to research a project of my own accord. You can put it this way or that, someone will always disagree. Keep up the good work, I’ll stay true to you. Greetings from Switzerland

  6. I think your doing a great job of making ppl understand. Ppl who don’t understand will feel stupid later

  7. No pullback before hitting the resistance zone of $5800-$6000 but once again I don’t think bitcoin go below $4200.

  8. Wow even on Easter you whip out a video. Crypto never sleeps and no rest for the wicked 🙂
    Hou die groot werk.

  9. This channel always gives a fair honest opinion IMO. #Respect.. 💯Thx 4 Vids💫💪AD👍

  10. You and Austin deserve the subs, hard work is paying but yes crypto is becoming popular again

  11. I been buying at all different prices around $3k- $4k. When it pops up again like 2017, no price at any point in 2018 will matter. 20k+ will happen.

  12. Bitstamp 2011
    Coinbase 2012
    Bitfinex 2012
    Houbi 2013
    Coinfloor 2013
    Bithumb 2013
    Bittrex 2013

  13. Awesome video
    I strongly believe in Crypto and im so happy they are youtubers like you to give us great info every day
    Keep with the great job u are stars ….
    Respect from Macedonia
    Happy Easter

  14. it’s nice having to see other crypto lovers, we building the team strong.
    Greetings from Ontario, Kanada

  15. Yes that right.. I remember watching your video about BNB.. Because of it I bought some.. 500% up
    thanks guy!

  16. Reminder! Next ’roundof Litecoin and Bitcoin halvings begins 2019 – continues into 2020 – mining reward is halved leading to less new Litecoin and Bitcoin entering the market leading to upward pressure on price. laaste 2015 Litecoin halving signified the beginnings of 2015 – 2017 prysstyging!””

  17. We gone back to where we started with alts back in February, all those gains gone.

  18. +Blockchain Educated Interviews that just proves the point how volatile and pump n dumpy these markets are. We are miles away from adoption.

  19. +crypto nana I am talking about alts season moron. Stay away from ponzi schemes and study Bitcoin and how to protect your future.

  20. I Tethered out at $5284, but luckily when it was at $5200 I realized it was going up not down so I got back in. Hasn’t touched $5200 since but it definitely still might

  21. You and Chico Crypto are doing a great job even though you are having totally opposit opinions on Binance.
    Happy Easter

  22. You made a good decision. I can’t take credit for your wins, just like I can’t take credit for your losses. 👍

  23. One day btc won’t ever be 6400 or even 15k time is what it takes. You are ahead of the game. Many can’t even buy one at 4000. We are the lucky ones that are holding.

  24. Lol I bought in at 3800 couple weeks ago sold it few days later, then a week later it jumps up 1000$ 🤦🏻‍♂️ so I bought in at 4800$ and been holding since. Steeds 500$+ gain.

  25. Thank you to Chico’s advice I have some shitcoins for my grandkids jajaja, they are 80% under water 😂 😆

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