What is a Bitcoin ETF? Will BTC moon if CBOE ETF is approved by SEC?

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Do you think the SEC will approve the new CBOE BTC ETF application? Laat ons weet in die kommentaar hieronder!

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What is a Bitcoin ETF? Will BTC moon if CBOE ETF is approved by SEC?

33 kommentaar

  1. So the SEC won’t let me be or let me be me so let me seetry tried to shut me down on MTV but it feels so empty without me”. totally unrelated haha

  2. I was told the ETF for ETH will include ETC as well since its the same blockchainETC MOON??

  3. The best by far video on this topicNailed it and also set expectations. What are your thoughts on the following scenario.. August 16th it gets approved, the market reacts and btc starts to soar, September rolls around and more ETFs start to get approved and the official bull market startsAlthough none of the ETFs can go into effect until Feb 2019 the FOMO pushes us into a long (over due) bull run..Of course this is the best case scenario but I think a lot of HODLers are waiting on thisdream” lol. Hell I know I am 🙂 To optimistic? Unrealistic?

    Peace Doggie!

  4. Whats better than FUD TV? I havent found it yet. This channel is leading the way for crypto information, insight and entertainment on the internet. Watch every upload.

  5. Extreme turtleneck fashion can’t help the price of Bitcoin? I never should have invested!

  6. I’ll take enigmatic turtle farmers for 100 please, Alex…. 😉 (BTW, very stylish shirt there Elliot)

  7. Can put the rocket ships and space suits away from now. We ain’t going to MOON just yet. #JakeHunter88

  8. Thumbs up purely for the use of the wordsameliorate” en “assuagewhich I had to look up!
    Thanks Professor Trades! 👍😁

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