Wat Cryptocurrency dink jy is uiters onderwaardeerde Right Now? [Altcoin & Bitcoin Ontleding]

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My thoughts on the most undervalued coin. Do you agree with my reasoning? What is YOUR most undervalued coin?

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Wat Cryptocurrency dink jy is uiters onderwaardeerde Right Now? [Altcoin & Bitcoin Ontleding]

51 kommentaar

  1. Block Chain will be used but there will be lots of them ,Facebook twitter, and Merchant Bank coins .Bitcoin as a store of value only .its so well known it means crypto to many people ,Hoover(vacuum cleaner etc..)but will it be useable as a payment method for everyday items ,I doubt it very much .I’m worried about energy consumption and it will hurt it badly ,its ineficient so other blockchains will be used for everyday things /payments contracts .Lightning network not really coping
    Bitcoin infrastructure is expensive to maintain fees are really high which is OK if worth 200k plus but I can’t even move .00400000 as minimum amount is .005 .its too slow for everyday merchant use.IMHO.

  2. ek stem saam. He just bashed all the ALT coins and now tomorrow will make a video talking about how great one is.
    BTC will not be a currency in 10 years it will be a collectible. LTC and ADA will be the true cryptocurrencies of the future. VET will give you the biggest gains if you buy now and hold for 3-4 jaar.

  3. Power Ledger has working products and is involved in projects around the world proving its use-case. POWR is poised to be the backbone of the new energy economy. Twelve cents seems pretty cheap.

  4. Elastos and Matrix AI Network have incredible potential to become top10 coins in my opinion

  5. Zap! Nice to see it’s been suggested by others here, such a hidden gem! Already a working product which made me even more ZAP and so fun to do 🙂 IOO are the next ICO’s

  6. What about TE-FOOD or Origin Trail in supply chain both with working products and a lot of partners ?

  7. Without a doubt elastos, we have a space full of isolated projects but elastos is the infrastructure for all of them

  8. Banks will never use xrp. I agree re: Bitcoin. I’m a btc maximalistish. I do have some positions in altcoins but they are shorter term.

  9. *Buying DIGIBYTE Made Easy*
    1) Gaan na http://digibyte.io
    2) Choose a DGB walletor set up your Trezor or Nano wallet for DGB
    3) Open account with Shapeshift (for exchanging coins)
    4) Use Coinbase, Bimance or other exchange to buy Litecoin (fast.)
    5) Go back to Shapeshift and select to deposit LTC and change to DGB
    6) (Shapeshift will give you a Deposit address to send your Litecoin to)
    7) Go back to Coinbase and Send your Litecoin to the Shapeshift address
    8) Shapeshift will *Receive* your Litecoin, *Change* it to DGB then *Send* it to your DGB wallet all at one
    You’re Welcome 😉

  10. +Sergej Unowa : Digi ID is interesting. I don’t think DGB and BTC are in competition, I think they complement each other and address different security areas. And DGB is so fast….. 🙂

  11. Zap builded a platform where you can speculate on oracles. This way the market/users determine if a oracle can be trusted. You can bond to a oracle to use it’s data or you can bond to it to make profit. If for example more people after you bond then you can unbond your zap and get more zap back! In short that is, there is so much more to it. If you want to make a review about it, please let me know and I will give you all the points I think that will make this the most undervalued crypto 🙂 If not, you should still look into it and join there telegram, which has a amazing informed community, cause this is a real game changer. Releasing new oracles is like the whole ICO phase we had before!
    +Altcoin Daily

  12. +Sergej Unowa @Altcoin Daily Agree with your viewpoint on Digibyte, not sure if it will be decentralised money but surely it’s one of the most decentralised assets in top 50 atm. IMO: ADA will skyrocket and will become base for many other crypto apps for research and development and might also be as big as one time Java used to be 😉

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