What are the 5 best NEP5 tokens? NEO’s most promising ICOs covered! TNC ACAT DBC RPX ZPT ONT

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What are the 5 best NEP5 tokens? NEO's most promising ICOs covered! TNC ACAT DBC RPX ZPT ONT

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VRYWARING: Dit is nie finansiële advies! Dit is 'n vermaak en-opinie gebaseer show. I am not a financial advisor. Asseblief net belê wat jy kan bekostig om te verloor, en ons moedig u aan om jou eie navorsing te doen voordat 'n belegging.

What are the 5 best NEP5 tokens? NEO's most promising ICOs covered! TNC ACAT DBC RPX ZPT ONT

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  1. Fyi, david li confirmed in the telegram group(trinityofficial) today that tnc is also going to scale for eth, which I already knew for weeks and have been telling people. Look at trinity.eth, which david confirmed is owner by tnc

  2. I’m extremely bullish on TNC and DBC I would say between the two of them they would actually take up around 60% of my portfolio. Thanks for another awesome vid!

  3. ACAT is a great project, but you kinda misunderstood itits a platform where you can buy and sell all kinds of AI-powered trading applications and servicesbasically their AI-robot advisors would help you decide on your next trading move (like is BTC going up or down tomorrow.. what and where is the optimal time to sell and so on…) super exciting project with huge names behind itbut its hard to blame you for misunderstanding with their website and papers not completely readycheck out their twitter, they are now redoing their marketing and websitemaybe its worth another more in depth review

  4. sorry for that misunderstanding! we do try to get everything right and we love the ACAT project so we’ll definitely be doing some follow up and clarifying the purpose of the AI marketplace. Thank you for watching!

  5. Good reviews on the whole but your understanding of ACAT is a little off. ACAT is a financial advisor marketplace using AI forecasting, maybe re check their white paper to clear things up.

  6. Love Alphacat….when people understand what it aims to do…..it will be massive ….great video!

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