WAVES Cryptocurrency! Should I Invest? + WALKTHROUGH (Create Custom Token and DEX)

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Goed Altcoin Daily Team,

Let's talk about the Waves Platform. Meer spesifiek, I will take you through a walkthrough of the DEX, and show you how to create your own token. Kyk die video.

Check out Wave's Website and/or Twitter.

**Paid Review. All opinions expressed are my own.

***Not financial Advice. Just Opinion. Do your own research.

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WAVES Cryptocurrency! Should I Invest? + WALKTHROUGH (Create Custom Token and DEX)

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  1. Midcap coins..nope…Top 20 yes safer ..as we know after 2018 a lot of ICO will not be here anymore..

  2. Been using waves for awhile….leasing the waves out to get paid..except they dont pay on time anymore! used to be once a week depending on which pool you lease toonow you are lucky to get paid at all

  3. Did that happen to you for a while, seeing a pattern or could it be some bug?
    ook, how come the Wave coins are going up? Do you think itʼs a pump & dump?

  4. wheelz world ,it’s seems like when it’s up like around 5 of $6.00 I got paid every week when it dumped I stopped getting paid

  5. Great video! Did you know that WAVES distributes airdrops? also did you know that holding Waves Community Tokens (WCT) you earn more airdrops when they are distributed? I’m excited for all the upcoming drops. Airdrops are the most profitable, yet most overlooked aspect of cryptocurrency.

  6. I started investing in crypto last year and I went down the drain until I found a comment on YouTube about Luiz fernando. I didn’t hesitate to contact her, I traded with her and went from having 4Btc to 12 BTC, thanks to Luiz

  7. waves минимум относительно битка вырастет в 10 раз ждем показателя в 1000$

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