Visa Acquires Ripple [XRP] Partner! Cardano Ledger Support! Binance XRP Base Pairs! [Bitcoin Nuus]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team! Last day of the year! Let's talk recent news!

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Visa to Purchase Ripple Cross-Border Payments Partner Earthport

Top Crypto Exchange Binance Adds Ripple-Based Trading Pairs in New Expansion

Demand for Crypto Will Increase in a Global Recession

Demand for Crypto Will Increase in a Global Recession van CryptoCurrency

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Visa Acquires Ripple [XRP] Partner! Cardano Ledger Support! Binance XRP Base Pairs! [Bitcoin Nuus]

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  1. Good news, thanks for bringing all the good news prepare cause this is goin to be big, got info that trillions are goin to come into the market trillions.

  2. +Nathan Asgill you should go all in on the strong coins your not goin to have an opportunity like this again once it takes off.

  3. +Abinadab007 Cool man ,I’m gonna invest also in 5g shares if can get hold off,bet there like gold dust! I own my house so gonna see if Vodafone want to rent 5g from big tower in my yard. 2019 gonna be mental .

  4. +Nathan Asgill Well those towers comes with side effects I’m totally against them but I was just trying to show you that the speed to finish the 5g network is associated with blockchain and the internet of things

  5. Altcoin Daily , What are your opinions on the Gandhiji Ethereum smart contract ? Its a unstoppable and immutable smart contract on eth. Has no owner , no admins , Nothing in the smart contract code can be changed. Basically the smart contract has its own token called IND . The tokens are created when eth is sent to the contract and destroyed when the tokens are sold back for eth. Each buy has a 10% fee and that fee is split up among all the token holders as rewards for holding the IND tokens. Anyone from anywhere in the world can interact with the smart contract as long as they have metamask. I have a video about it posted on my channel.

  6. When you said you wait for .25c if not you not investing at all in xrp that means the coin doesn’t mean anything to you ,has no value for you,so start to research more!

  7. Jeese,, Cardano is so slow. C. Hoskinson actually stated that IOHK had nothing to do with it. 2018 was a year for ADA/cardano to learn,….early 2019 they are testing, and might actually have Ledger support,,….mid yearmaybe the terminal will be up and running,…..then late 2019 if Huoros Boros works out and all of the peer review works, Cardano might release Shelley. So we’re looking at 2020.

  8. Do you even know how coding works, especially Haskel? How about peer review from the most prestigious academia in the world. Go out and set up a future trillion dollar company and see how long it takes for you to get off the ground. Put your money where your mouth is, stop spreading unnecessary doubts in people’s minds. How many crypto CEOs you know of, that literally come out every week with some type of update for their investors and Community alike. NONE! Most crypto companies have already been decimated in this bloodbath do to the price of etherium crashing to early 2017 prices and further bleeding is to persist. I’m not trying to bash your comment, just putting my point across just like you did and let’s let the public decide who’s right.

  9. Here’s a thought about Visa acquiring RIpple partner, what are the chances of current payment companies acquiring crypto companies and then shutting them down basically eliminating their competition

  10. I see it roughly around that price soon before I go back in. Long way to go before we see what we want Q3/Q4 imho

  11. Steve Z Plan on lots of acquisitions and mergers happening. What will be interesting is how values are determined and are token holders going to receive any money when this happens. Bly ingeskakel.

  12. oh Reddit is always a good source lol. Crypto will drop like a stone in a 2008 style crash, look at what happened to gold and silver before they rally’d, everyone got margin calls that forced everyone to sell so in a global recession crypto will likely plummet first too wiping out all the margin holders but after they all been cleared out it will probably rallyplus if a global recession does happen and house prices drop like a stone its the people holding cash that will sweep up all those cheap houses etcit was only later that gold rally’d in 2008, i suspect crypto will do the same.

  13. +zack bandera Its a upgrade to proof of weak hands. Powh is centralized as there is a administrator of the contract that can make changes to the code like change the amount of tokens needed for a masternode. Also p3d has 24 ambassadors that heavily premined the contract. In gandhiji there in no administrator, ambassadors and no premine and the gandhiji community is alot stronger, nobody big supports p3d on youtube anymore .

  14. You missed the main reason bitcoin will do well in a major recession. During the previous recession we started seeing a lot of banks and brokerages go out of business and wipe out the savings of working class people. One result is that people started wanting to hold some of their wealth themselves rather than trusting a 3rd party to hold their wealth for them. That was before Bitcoin so all we had was precious metals. The result was that my gold went up 70% and my silver went up 260%. I expect much the same thing to happen with Bitcoin and the less scamy alt coins during this next recession. We’re already sliding down into the next recession and if it’s anything like the previous one I expect it to bottom out in about 2 jaar. The previous recession started in 2008 and bottomed in 2011.

    Last time around I saw the recession coming and took steps to prepare. I bought precious metals and redoubled my efforts at paying down my condo mortgage. I knocked it to zero in 11 jaar. I also had been wanting a house so I waited and watched as the price of real estate continued to crash, until in the spring of 2012 I took some profits on Silver and used it as a down payment on my house. I bought this place for 160k and now it’s worth about 300k. This next recession is going to rob much of that value of course but since it’s paid off it won’t be a problem. It’s still a nice place to live. I kept the condo till 2016 and dumped what I got for it into the condo mortgage. I was tempted to buy bitcoins but I’m only willing to risk my surplus monthly income rather than massive amounts of money like what I got for the condo. In hindsight I should have bought bitcoin. Oh well.

    I’ve been expecting to see this next big recession start for a couple years now. They tend to come every 7 om 10 jaar. During this crash I expect to see people once again lose confidence in centralized entities to hold their wealth for them. It will take a few big bankruptcies for that to happen but I expect it to start happening next year. That should push the most stable and established of all crypto currencies (Bitcoin) up very nicely. I also expect my precious metals to increase nicely as well. Once bitcoins reach my magic number (which isn’t really that far off) I plan to sell this house, quit my mechanic job, and rent or live in a pickup truck camper while the recession cycles through. I expect it to bottom out around 2021 of 2022. That will be the time to move some bitcoin into conventional assets like stocks and real estate. It will also be the time to move my silver into gold. Last time around silver went up much faster than gold but when metals started falling again, I would have been wise to move my silver into gold to lock in the gains.

  15. I updated the wallet yesterday. Was so easy. I think having a SSD makes a huge difference. Never had a problem ever

  16. HaI’m just a guy. I make content on the news..and I give my opinion. I usually talk about cryptos that interest me.

  17. +Abinadab007 Lol, I’m pissing around,Yeah agree 5g more likefry G”.
    Hopefully something gets done .its like were in self disrupt mode.

  18. They paid well over the price valuation for the company as well. Most of the time when that happens, it’s to absorb the tech then dissolve the company. I’ve personally worked with several companies that ended up becoming a divestiture of a much larger one.
    To reiterate, I’d say they’re doing it for the technology, not to make the technology disappear.

  19. Even if everyone started adopting dog turds as a store of value to trade with, why wouldn’t it cost 10 dog turds for a loaf of bread no matter how many people are using them?

    XRP is about as common as dog turds and all pre-mined. Also they can override transactions if they want, it’s already happened.

  20. Dr Williams I’m with you, if not 2019 then by 2020. Steeds, there’s no logical reason that the 100 Billion pre-mined XRP have to go up in value by very much even if everybody uses it. It’s worth 35 cents as the number 2 coin. I think people will be lucky if XRP finds the $5 mark again, change my mind lol. Again everybody uses the USD and it’s worth $1.

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