Very Quick Bitcoin (BTC) Opdateer! Plus DogeCoin and SEC Crypto News

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Elon Musk joins Dogecoin bandwagon; steps down after being ‘elected’ its ‘CEO

Elon Musk joins Dogecoin bandwagon; steps down after being ‘electedits ‘CEO

CZ: Binance DEX Mainnet to Launch Later in April

SEC Issues First ‘No-Action’ Letter Clearing ICO to Sell Tokens in US

SEC Issues First ‘No-ActionLetter Clearing ICO to Sell Tokens in US


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Very Quick Bitcoin (BTC) Opdateer! Plus DogeCoin and SEC Crypto News

47 kommentaar

  1. Thank you Austin, Very informative, interessant, As Always, Catch you on the Next one. 🚀

  2. What’s with the subliminal screen popping up every 5 sekondes? Really distracting

  3. it’s technically not decentralized but is technically decentralized. WTF! Stop towing the line! It either is or isn’t

  4. +Altcoin Daily Are you trying to manipulate your viewersminds with subliminal messaging?

  5. I have coin because it has a story. In stock trading and company selection story matters just as much as earnings look at Tesla stock to be exact. Elon musk there’s a story not just the company, the dog coin is exactly that. It has a picture of a dog but it’s not pronounced like dogs, and the creator doesn’t want it so more people want it. It was a marketing success. Humans fall for that trick, we don’t want it, but I want it!
    Similar to Elon musk don’t buy this flamethrower it’s not a flamethrower and he sold out of flamethrowers in a day at a 1 million apiece
    I’m invested in it because it has a story that people enjoy talking about it wasn’t created for any banking or financial institution reasons it was created from humor a joke. So it has lots of positive connotation to it then example Tron coin which conjures up images of death and despair and futuristic warfare to my mind. But with doggy coin I think of a joke I think of humor I think of how funny of a community to buy into a meme.
    Nobody likes to use money if the story is blood money. Like blood diamonds have a story but nobody wants them unless they’re the ones chopping hands off.

    Like our Fiat is associated with Wartax. Every time I use green backs I think about oil fields in Iraq burning.

    Just seeing a dog is s much friendlier feeling; and just think how many dog lovers are in the USA.
    I could see the American kennel club using this coin officially

  6. Where is the news on npxs? Just got 80,000 npxs on airdrop. That’s big news for me and others who like real money. Love ur videos

  7. LMAO Cat’s trying to pump a coin in a covert manner so he can come and reap the profits 😉

  8. hey Team, not sure why this video keeps ‘blinking’. I will fix this ASAP! Appreciate you sticking around.

  9. I was weakly sold on dogecoin already but after reading this I’m totally on board. Well said.

  10. Thanks Scott. It bothers me, but all I can do is just make sure it doesnt happen tomorrow.

  11. Thanks again for your video. I’m still irrtated by the BCHABC pump. Why is it always in lockstep when BTC pumps and dumps? Always gains on BTC when it pumps and loses on BTC when it dumps. That’s concerning to me, because if let say BTC pumps 50x (in terms of marketcap), BCH could do a hell of a lot more in terms of marketcap and possibly surpass it? Maybe Roger Ver is involved in this?

  12. die 200 MA is between 4600-4700 in most of the exchanges why is +5000 in coinbase if the also have more than 200 days of data in very similar prices??

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