Tron TRX News: TRX Coin Burn This Month? Justin Sun announces partnerships with, BitGuild!

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Tron TRX News: TRX Coin Burn This Month? Justin Sun announces partnerships with, BitGuild!

45 kommentaar

  1. ja! i hope the coin burn is like 30 miljard!!! haha i know it wont be but hopefully the partnership makes for some nice gains!!

  2. I have a pile of Tron and now I am thinking about Telcoin , how about your thoughts on that?
    Love your Vids, keep up the great work

  3. HODL is how I roll. They’re already stored cold storage on MEW. I’m pretty disciplined when it comes to buying and holding as I’ve had A LOT of practice over the years buying gold and silver bullion as well. I’m still a youngin’no need to spend it right now. 😉

  4. DUNCAN Schroff I have a pretty big holding of telcoin.. I like their white paper, they have a solid team, a huge potential userbase, and the underbanked is a larger population than a lot of people realize.. Hodl for sure! 👍

  5. I appreciate the short and brief summary of your video’s, i’m constantly looking up 3-5 different channels to get a whole sense of the general consenus of the crypto space with different crypto currency’s and your’s helps me shorten my news update. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  6. Congrats i bought another bunch 2 hours ago. Dirt cheap. Be greedy when everyone else is fearful

  7. What I like about Tron is the attitude of this millennial Chinese CEO, Justin Tron. Chinese philosophy in business is totally different from Western business philosophy and it’s all about saving assets for the big day, bit by bit, just like a worker ant carrying loads of food to storage before the rainy days. Thanks for your always encouraging views on Tron. I have read on what it wants to achieve and not bothered by what is happening to the currency now, when its utility value begins to unravel, there are some big gains for those who kept the faith.

  8. Enjoyed the valuable information regarding #Trx coin burn and partnership development.

    I thought it was important to point out that the effect of these partnerships won’t be realized until some time in the future. So hodl if you believe in the infrastructure and projects of #Trx!

  9. TRON has really great perspectives! The design team is also very skilled! It is not improbable that TRON will become one of the leaders of cryptocurrency growth in 2018. Take part in their airdrop while the going is good

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