Tron is Garbage!? Stellar Lumens’ Stigter Slams Justin Sun en TRX

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Tron is Garbage!? Stellar Lumens' Stigter Slams Justin Sun en TRX

36 kommentaar

  1. All I will say is Bravo.. 100% reg, Justin drools when someone like Jeb disses Tron because it’s free marketing and he knows he will win the war on social media. It’s like watching two rap battles justin sun is slim shady and the other guys are just old rappers who used to be famous.

  2. Love this vid! Before I got into tron I researched about Justin sun and I saw a video where he said, “negative press is good press because it puts you in the spot light” so like you said he knows the game

  3. Totally agree with you! When i read jed’s comment, i just said to myself, “ohhh no, you didn’t”. He is asking for it. I own both (exponentially more of tron) and see the promise for both, but different utilities.

    Feel bad for Tron in that so many have been critical of their white paper. Peeps can’t understand virtually all white papers regurgitate previous knowledge. Having second language challenges, some wording probably best/efficient from previous translations. In elk geval, still VERY bullish on Sun and his hard working dev team. Buying more Trx now!!!

  4. Even Bill Gatesboughthis original software, stolewindows”, “mousefrom Xerox, hahaha!! But he had a vision that no one else was creative and smart to understand. Loose comparison to Sun. He will dominate because he is a visionary and is aggressive with shameless attitude/confidence. Although not my personality, i see patterns in influential and successful leaders. I invest riding on their coattails!!

  5. My message lost lost?
    Gates bought his initial “sagteware”, stole windows/mouse from Xerox, hahaha!! But Gates had audacity, visie, utility. Not perfect comparison, but Sun has the vision and aggressiveness to influence society. He will dominate. He really does have all the attributes of aggressive successful leaders.

  6. I love both projects but more importantly I want a pineapple shirt! (The TV logo at the end with the pineapple replacingfudon the screen!) LIKE THIS POST if you agree with the need of a pineapple shirt!

  7. Just the name Tron says it all, it’s Garbage. Justin Suns greatest achievement will only be Tron Dogs the most childish crap they copied idea of Cryptokitties. Tron will only last one more year and get bypassed as mass adoption goes into real blockchain projects

  8. I looked at TRON thouroughly and agree with Jed. TRON is garbage. I can’t believe you said TRON is a good project because its price went up and Justin has many twitter followers. FYIthe success of a project is NOT measured by how well it is doing in social media where you can buy as many followers as you want. If you look at TRON videos online you can see 90% of fans are kids and fanboys with less IQ. I expected more from you. Just because you are building a dAPP on TRON does not mean it is good project. Projects like TRON need to die before big institutions take Crypto projects seriously.

  9. +FUD TV I am just keeping it simple, You can judge a book by it’s cover. A name is very important and symbolizes the core essence of a thing. Besides a plagarized white paper, the core of Tron ,it’s very name is stolen from a Disney movie, what else can the project ever amount to.

  10. hahaha that’s what I was saying, Jed isn’t hurting them by talking trash. If he hates them he should just ignore them.

  11. +Eric Chesna that’s the age-old wisdom, reg? Judge before you know! lol – it’s hard to take such criticism very seriously

  12. lol, essentially yes. This is the rap battle of crypto. Obviously FUD Nation knows I love Stellar Lumens big time, so this video is just commenting on the drama

  13. +FUD TV Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, no harm intended to fans of Tron. One day we can look back and you can say to me , Eric what did we miss? Why didn’t we get it? when you filter out hype, which is all Justin Sun is good at , bare bones you have nothing.

  14. +FUD TV Yes you did an excellent job on reporting the facts not just being biased, you call it as you see it. Thanks for what you do, and as always on my part.. #GOTRON #GOTRONCHAT 😀

  15. Should probably learn to spell thoroughly correctly 1st before people can take your so called (research) serious lol. You think you’re the only panzi that comments on Tron videos bashing it with nothing to back it up except give your idiotic opinion? you are the reason why newbies lose money or miss out on great projects, morons like you that hate a project because you either lost money because you don’t know how to invest or you just follow other haters on hating it. I’m sure Ellio has done more research than you could ever have.. I expected more from you.. lol loser. You Tron haters are the worst.

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