Top 5 Cryptocurrencies & Altcoins in Japan!

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!

Let's talk Japan. Japan makes up a huge part of the cryptocurrency market, and they are on the cutting-edge of normalizing bitcoin and crypto in society. Today we go over Japan's favorite cryptocurrencies.

soos. Betaal.

**Not financial advice. Just opinion. Do your own research.

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Top 5 Cryptocurrencies & Altcoins in Japan!

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  1. you can check korean people because they are more crazy than Japnanse.
    ICX and ripple are major coints.

  2. Mona coin is very good quality but they are not good to ad. just opposite as bitcoin cash, bad quality but good sales.

  3. Altcoin Daily
    We are big crypto family and need to keep support each other
    I just put my more investment in ZEBI ONT FUSION WAN I have the feeling this will be crypto of the 2018.. along few more
    What do u think?

  4. Sjoe…just looked at Zebi. Very new and looks promising. I need to do more research. How did Zebi get on your radar?

  5. Altcoin Daily
    Just from youtibers like u several weeks agoi did not get into ICO
    They call it ICON of India
    It is look very promisinggreat team great road map.. Maybe x 30 x 50 gains in the next 6 maande …
    I also love BBN have a look

  6. I call Monacoin is Geekcoin. it has many core freak fans, and usefull for Japanese anime culture. Monacoin has a lot of potential.

  7. Why is it a good investment? Cause there is a passionate geeky community behind it? Is it like Doge then?

  8. Another Great Video
    Your Informative Condensed Format is a Must for My Investment Research !
    You Guys Rock

  9. Question.. how does Japan’s ban on privacy coins effect colx future growth plans. Do you think other countries will follow suit?

  10. I think Loyela is the upcoming top ICO of 2018! World’s First Blockchain-Based “Smart Loyalty” Protocol. Here’s their discussion group:

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