TOP 5 ALTCOINS TO BUY IN JULY!!! 📈 Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in Q3 2019! [Bitcoin Nuus]

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If You Hold Litecoin WATCH THIS [Litecoin Halving MUST KNOW]

If You Hold Litecoin WATCH THIS [Litecoin Halving MUST KNOW]

Tron (TRX) Reaches New Milestone with 500 Dapps Online Now

Ethereum still loved by dapp developers, but trails behind in active users Q2 2019 Dapp Market Report

Power Move Before Power Lunch: Tron CEO Switches Venue for Buffett Meeting

Power Move Before Power Lunch: Tron CEO Switches Venue for Buffett Meeting

Litecoin Block Reward Halving Countdown


DigiByte Mining Breakdown

DigiByte v7.17.2 Odocrypt Algo Fork

ZBG Public Voting

Brave Ads Android progress update

Brave Ads Android progress update van BATProject

Number of Brave Browser Publishers

A beginner’s guide to Tezos

Latin America’s Biggest Investment Bank to Sell $1 Billion in STOs Using Tezos

Coinbase Custody Begins Staking Services With Tezos,

Get Paid For Watching Ads: Brave Browser Opt-In Walkthrough [Basic Attention Token Tutorial]

Get Paid For Watching Ads: Brave Browser Opt-In Walkthrough [Basic Attention Token Tutorial]

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TOP 5 ALTCOINS TO BUY IN JULY!!! 📈 Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in Q3 2019! [Bitcoin Nuus]

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  1. Excellent as always. This is incredibly awesome news about Brave Ads for Android. Will definitely look into DGB and Tezos. Thanks for the tips!

  2. @Altcoin Daily I might buy $20 of digibyte and tezos each. It’s not a lot of money but I view crpto as pretty close to gambling. I am lose $40 if need be.

  3. the general public couldnt give a fluff about a good project, all they want is easy cheap and quick coins for buying and selling things with cool names and logos, which only leaves us with Dogecoin

  4. Please don’t forget if you are a holder of dgb or thinking of getting dgb to install the latest wallet from

  5. Nice job with the video. 👍DigiByte is very underrated. We made some great short and fun informational videos if you’re interested.

  6. @Altcoin Daily i think so, certainly a but of momentum building, mght give Litecoin a run for its money one day, i think we all can agree Bitcoin is king and will remian so for quite some time

  7. I’m long time holder of LTC but im really sorry for DGB,its completely undervalued😔

  8. @Altcoin Daily Thank you and we appreciate your work as well. Feel free to use one of your videos on your program and tell people about our YouTube site if they want more information. We have basic educational crypto videos and DigiByte commercials.

  9. Great video as always, Thanx! I found DGB over 2 jare terug, and I have been adding some DGB every month since then, but they have not made me very happy so far ( price wise ) . And honestly I don’t understand why, because I think it is a very good project. Die 5 algorithm, very fast transaktion, the way they working on cyber security, and don’t forget Digi ID. I think lack of being listed on some of the biggest exchanges, and not too much attention on youtube, ect hold the price back a lot. It feels like the team working more to develop DGB than hype the project with fluff and puff, which is good in the long run. I believe in the project and keep adding some DGB every month..

  10. @Altcoin Daily hey bruh, what platform do u use to buy altcoins or just cryptos in general?

  11. Don’t be a fool. It will still pump with all the new retail investors coming in. It’s just a guess game of which coin will pump the most.

  12. @Altcoin Daily All hype as it sacrificed its decentralization for scalability. Dit het 27 super representatives and they have to identify themselves opening them up to corruption and vector attacks. Apparently they are already experiencing vote buying. Long term, no good. The best decentralized i could find are Elastos, IOTA, Holochain, Quarkchain and Zilliqa.

  13. Most of these old guard youtubers have done similar things. Buy bitcoin but then spent the rest of the show shilling yet another new project whil saying most will altcoins won’t survive. But yeah they don’t realize if altcoins die, there is no need for 50 crypto youtubers spreading that one bitcoin story a day😂

  14. If you have a large enough portfolio, it makes sense. It’s a place to park your portfolio value until the blood subsides. For smaller portfolios, the switch to BTC for later reswitches back into Altcoins isnt worth it.

  15. Digibyte is a sleeper. Been in this space for almost five years. I’ve owned hundreds of coins within that time frame and one coin that has never left my hand was Digibyte. It also blows all these other altcoins out of the water in every aspect.

  16. Totally agree. I’m a long time holder of both. What perplexes me is that DGB is technically better than LTC, doing more faster, securely on chain than anything on the Lightning net, yet it doesn’t get the love.

  17. @Alex Psy you can always type in the website address into Google an go that way if it makes you feel safer

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